Friday, January 9, 2009

Something To Talk About

Last night, after informed by Charlie, Cynta and I checked out a website named OTAKBLUE owned by Abg Joe. It's a website containing sexy Malaysian girls (most of it) photos that I think the website owner/administrator stole from online profiles on social networking sites such as Friendster, MySpace and Facebook, to name a few or from personal blogs.

I'm usually not one who passes judgment on others but I think what this Abg Joe is doing is JUST WRONG. And the worst thing is, he is actually making money by uploading these pictures on his website (notice the ads in the website). From what I see during my visit to the website, thousands of visitors visits this website on daily basis increasing traffic to his website and he is not even a good writer or has his own originality to earn such high traffic and automatically earn money from that!

I must say that he is a genius for having this idea for money making. Kudos to that. From what I found out, he is already receiving thousands of dollars from the advertising he pasted on his website. Proves that blog/websites is a money making machine.

Having said that, however, it doesn't mean that I'm on his side. I still think what he is doing is wrong, stealing. It is still stealing no matter how you justify your action. On second thought, those girls probably wouldn't mind at all. They probably like the attention and strangely flattered that their pictures are uploaded in a website such as OTAKBLUE. 30 seconds of fame, so they say. Maybe, I'm just the idiot who pity them in the first place. But, if it happen to me, I WILL HATE IT! So, Abg Joe wherever you are or whoever you are, I don't think that I'm super gorgeous or anything like that but if I ever in your websites captioned with naughty thoughts that you have, I will ask my IT superheroes IndadaIskul and MrCuteo to hack and ruin your website to it's core. I only kesian (pity) those girls with innocent cutesy poses that were uploaded there. Somehow Abg Joe has the talent to describe those innocent cutesy poses to look like soft pornography pictures. Suddenly the pictures looks nasty and more flirtatious then intended just by the way he describe it - and he didn't even photoshopped it. The way he describes it just grosses the hell out of me.

To those with nudies that miraculously found its way to the World Wide Web whether by own doing or by others and regretted it after wards, all I can is SERVE YOU RIGHT. There won't be any nudies of you displayed anywhere on the Internet if you are not THAT GATAL to even think to pose like that. Anything can happen nowadays, so moral of the story is NEVER EVER POST NUDE ALONE OR WITH YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER EVEN IF YOU ARE MARRIED. Unless your ultimate life time goal is to be a porn star then it's up to you. Why? Because, like I say, things happen. You'll NEVER know what's gonna happen in the future when the romance turns sour and grudge makes you do the unthinkable to hurt the people that hurt you (this is where the nudies kicks in most of the time)

And, to those who fucks at public places. Dude, get a room. There's plenty of cheap hotels around town, wherever you are. Isn't it humiliating to be 3gp-ed while you're at it at the park, at the stair case, at a fricking palm oil estate (it was on the newspaper), pondok at a tamu site (sadly this happen to be made in Sabah) and then bluetoothed from one hand phone to another then finally made it to the Internet. Unless you people are Exhibitionist!!! Don't blame people who records you because it's just human nature to do so.

So, that's all I gotta say today.


And before I end this entry, once again ... I want to thank all of you who reads this blog, I know I don't have much to offer and still a newbie and got lots of things to learn about writing but still I'm flattered that there's people out there who visits my blog on daily basis. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm truly honored.

Picture taken last year in Cynta's new ride, on the way to 1Borneo

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