Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sun Burn

I am so freaking tanned right now. Not that I wanted it but I got sun burned and now the skin on my back are peeling off (blaming the bikini wearing at a pond trying to life guard Genesis). Not only my back, my face is 'experiencing' the same thing.

Now, I can basically say that my hair and skin color are quite similar (major fashion don't yesterday: I wore my hazel contact lens, so I'm brown everything. Bida la tu kan). Bodoh (me, not you). Looks funny and weird. It's also not flattering that I have two zits on my forehead and 2 mosquito bites. And to add bonus to it all, I think I gained weight. In some ways it's YAY!! because I don't have issues about gaining weight, extra few pounds are always welcomed but I despise gaining weight if it's only comfortably lingering around at certain places ONLY like THE FACE, THE THIGHS AND THE BELLY. I so do not like that. Why do holiday seasons (that you celebrate) make you over eat? I never know.

Ignore the oily face, I just got back from work.

Last night, I had Lamb Chop for dinner with Mr.PHP and CyntaCinta at City Food Centre, Kolombong. Funny thing was, I requested for a Thousand Island dressing but they don't have but they have mayo so I requested that, and the waitress said have to pay extra RM0.50 if I want it. LOL. As if mayo is a luxury item and VERY expensive in store. Whatever la. But the food was good and I'm coming back for more, maybe tonight.

After dinner we wandered around to City Mall to buy some snacks for end up wandering around Lea Centre and Popular for window shop and take pictures of things that we want to buy but cannot because we're saving for Bandung trip.

Shoes store ... my ultimate fetish

Books .... my other fetish, sort of


Okay, not this one

I've been wondering for days, why my handbag is sooo damn heavy, this is what inside the bag

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