Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sweet Home Tambunan

ngsI'm back at my hometown in a middle of a week attending my first cousin's funeral. She died in a tragic car accident on the way to Lahad Datu, near Kinabatangan. May her soul rest in peace.

From the eulogy during her memorial service earlier, her sister said that she (Monica) talks to animals too which means it runs in the family,so probably that's in the Okala gene. Her mom and my dad are siblings.

Right now, I'm laying in bed covered in a warm blanket posting an entry feeling slightly cold because it's windy here in Tambunan. And it's not raining, it's just windy. How I wish the weather is like this in KK. Wishful thinking.

I'm also actually saddened by the fact that I am trapped in a situation that I wish I never knew happened that effected few people. I'm always trying my best to be invisible, staying out of the drama as far as possible is what I always do. What makes things worst are twisted facts that turn your world upside down making you look like a moron. I learned my lesson but ONE THING FOR SURE I didn't start the fire. So, go figure. I can't wait to pour my heart out to special someone who have always been there for me thick and thin since 10 years ago. BFF, you know who you are.

In a happier mood, I am already thinking of what to eat for dinner. I hope Amy will cook something delicious.

And someone cut her hair ala Nicole Richie .... does it still look like that baby?


eLSa said...

hi cie..which cousin coz me n fabian has no clue at all???

ShadesOfPurple said...

Hi Elsa, cousin from dad's side. Monica Kassun.