Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That's Not My Name

Who hates their name? Raise your hand!!!

I hate my name. Seriously. Its’ too common to my taste. If it’s up to me, I’d like to have a more commercial or a bit glam name like Alexis (I’m sure that my parents will never thought of this name 27 years ago) . My second choice would be Dakota. Third would be Nicole. Fourth would be Natalie.

Nevertheless, despite despising my name a little, I should be grateful that my parents didn’t name me something weird like Battery, Selipar, Nyamok, Janda or Jamban. Thanks mom and dad. To all those people with names like that, my heart is with you. It’s also not cool when your parents name you after a movie star, I mean it’s okay if it’s just the first name but I remember one kid back at my hometown was named Arnold Schwarzenegger (insert typical Dusun surname here) (yes, I googled the name, I can’t even spell the surname without Google help – wonder how did the kid’s parent spelt it . LOL.) and in the same village, there’s another kid named Sylvester Stallone (insert typical Dusun surname here). So, the kampung is filled with action movie stars. They didn’t name the kids Terminator or John Rambo or Rocky Balboa though. I wonder why.

I am also grateful that my parents and elder siblings who hold power to name me when I was born didn’t pick a complicated name of some African bird, a rare plant, solar system, some Greek gods and goddesses name or ancient queens. I remember back in college I have a classmate named Cleopatra and how can she ever live to the standard of that name. Venus actually sounds kinda nice. But imagine if you were named Pluto/Mars/Neptune/Uranus.
My elder brother Richard told me once that they had two name choices for me when I was born. It’s either Nancy or Olga. They go with Nancy. Okay, thank you Richard, although Nancy sounds too common, I prefer it more than Olga. Hurrah.

So, since I’m stuck with NANCY for the rest of my life I might as well learn to love it. I don’t know whether you can legally change your name in Malaysia or not but even if you can, how long will it take? How many documents you have to redo? So, I’ve been doing some research on NANCY, look what I found:

Some of the famous NANCYs I stumbled upon:

Nancy Castiglione - Filipina-Italian Actress

Nancy Ajram - Multi-Platinum Lebanese Pop Folk Artist

Nancy Sinatra - Singer & Actress, Daughter of Frank Sinatra
Nancy Davis Reagan - Widow of former United States President, Ronald Reagan
Nancy Drew - a fictional character, the heroine of the popular Nancy Drew Mystery Stories
Nancy- The famous cartoon (is it still on Daily Express Newspaper??

Nancy Pelosi - Current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

FINALLY .......
a non famous NANCY (which is me!!)

1. Daughter of Anthony Lidi Okala & Nora Golikin
2. Baby sister to Raymond, Richard, Anni & Leo
3. Elder sister for Jeffrey
4. Aunt for Daisy, Jacynta, Joanne, Pruan, Ronald, Dewina, Eric, Victoria, Genesis, Ivan, Erica?
5. Sister in Law to Petrus, Geta, Diane, Tara & Emily
6. Heroin to the hero, Charlie
6. Half owner of Tobey, Kibby,Lotun, Bapa, Jelly, Rocco and Zorro
7. Frequent feeder for Colby
8. BFF to Ms.Florida Suzanie
8. Owner of Ciean.Blogspot.Com (hahahaha)
9. Employee at SIDMA College and BentleyTel
10. Customer of DIGI
11. Windows Vista user

LMAO ... I'm running out of ideas.

I also found out that Nancy (pronounced differently I guess) is a metropolitan area with a population 410509 in 1999 census, a city in North Eastern France.

And a little bit more information on NANCY:

So, now, I think I shouldn't hate my name that much.

So here goes....


Credits to all owner of the pictures that I used. I don't remember where I got all those pictures.


SuicideCandy said...

huahua... i pick the blow me tissue outfit. LOL

Anonymous said...

Dear Kota i'm a brazilian guy a i see that you hates your BEATYFULLLLL NAME, so what if it's so fantastic and if you're a woman so you're so greatyfulll beaty .
Please if you can send me a ampliffied photo of your face .
Are you an Malaysian or came from the other country ?

GlamX said...

hey there...thanks for the compliment...since you sent anonymous can I get in contact with you?

Anonymous said...

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Sana said...

hey thanks for giving us usuch fabilous knowledge.