Monday, February 23, 2009

The Great Stink


I'm NOT feeling well. Everything bothers me.

I want to eat ALL the time. No surprise there but still, at a time like this, being a super hungry bitch all the time doesn't help the financial situation. For chrissake, I'm TRYING to go to Bandung and Manila this year with LOTS OF MONEY to shop. Yes, I'm not going there for sightseeing, maybe just a little but the main point is to shop, shop,shop! But, if I continue being the super hungry bitch that I am, I will never have the shopping freedom that I've dreamed of. No matter, how many assignment jobs I take or money I put aside for the trip. Sigh. If only my adsense generate a steady $5 a day, I think I should be okay but that's just a dream yet to come true. Anyway, been also looking for ideas for different ways to generate income. Yet to see the result or how to implement it.

I think I know why I'm having headache and want to throw up!!! I'm having a REALLY strong no sugar coffee that Rajah made me, I am a caffeine intolerant girl. I can't stand Nescafe with or without milk. So, what am I doing drinking coffee then? Because, at a right scale between sugar and coffee, I can have it but this is proven to be really strong, I think my kidney is pissed off and my brain is cursing me like a sailor. *drinking plain water in order*

And on other note, my fellow blogger friend, Jonay Mangabun has been featured in a local newspaper on his opinion about the Elizabeth Wong's scandal. So proud of you my man!!! Yunno what Jonay, the other day when Yap Wai Loon came over I wanted to take picture with him to put in my blog but SAYA SEGAN LAH. Ha ha ha. Celebrity footballer mah. I heard rumors that Chelsea made an offer to him years ago? Is it true??

And, to all those who wished HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I know today is hari tua, but in three days time it's payday people!!! Hint Hint.

Actually, I wanted to post a picture of moi at St.Micheal's Church taken yesterday but my digicam no battery. So, I will upload it later.


Sigup said...

hahaha...tq, ba, next time i'll ask him to take some pic with u.. not Chelsea was Arsenal..sayang tul dia inda pigi.

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