Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Get A Sidekick

Doh!!! I'm such a multi tasker am I? Right now, I'm actually in the middle of finishing some task while also repairing two dead laptops and also updating my blog in between (5 minutes break).

I'm so annoyed that I already get the error message above like three times and the forum and discussions board on the net does not help because they normally get this error message when they upgrade from Windows XP to Vista and doing the dual boot thingy (in case you don't know, two operating system in one single computer). I have this too in my dekstop pc. So, supposedly I just need to uninstall IIS and it will work but in this case, this is merely fresh installation of Vista. So, I had no choice but to call for help. Thankfully Donny Robert came to rescue. So, probably it could be hardware problem or the installer problem, which I hope it is.

Dewina's laptop is facing another problem. I can't install XP on her laptop and I can't delete the partition to create a fresh installation of the whole thing, so it must he hard disk problem (bad sectors) so checking bad sectors can take days. So, Dewina, very sorry no data can be rescued from your lappie. Next time always save your data in other partition besides C. I think I've constantly told them this and yet they don't listen. So another reminder, save your documents in other directory or make an external backup.

Ok, my 5 minutes break is up. I should continue with my work.

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