Saturday, February 14, 2009

Introducing Ciean's Planetarium

I have nothing to blog about lately. Nothing interesting to share with people and I'm just leading a boring sometimes busy life which is not really blogworthy but of late I'm really in a mood to dance, dance, dance. Excessive Akon's song played in order. One thing missing is that Daisy is not around for extra fun. Totally sad about that.

Anyways, today is Valentine's and being the non-celebrater that I am, nothing planned and right now I'm doing a research on national food crisis, I know right, how very romantic. So, Happy Valentine's Day to all who celebrates.

P/S: I've been constantly mistaken for being an ah-lian (always assumed to be able to converse in mandarin). All I know is something like sau nyuk, pai kut wong, sasau kai fan, ngau chap, chu chap ah!!! (strangely all food)

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