Monday, February 23, 2009


Everywhere you go, not just in China, you see funny signage, whether it's grammatically incorrect, misspell or funny direct translation from a language to another. It also happen in KK, where people are so eager to use English in their signage that they forget the one fundamental thing before sending it out to print companies, which is spell check, grammar check or proof reader. In this case, it is still understandable, not everyone that THINKS that they can speak good English or speak Malaysian-English can actually write even a single sentence without grammatical error. I admit, sometimes I am unsure of those grammar and those past tense/present tense/past participle thingy myself so it's always best to refer to someone or something just to make sure that you are not making a complete fool out of yourself.

But, my point is, I'm NOT focusing on those error in English. I understand that this is not our first language. Probably to some, it's the third language for them so knowing a little bit of that language is already an added advantage and I believe that practice makes perfect, so even if sometimes it feels awkward trying to speak in English, its always best to just try because by time you will be perfect. Just don't put that long face or unease tones whenever you are corrected because those people correct you not because they think they are good (probably deep inside they think they are), but, look at the bright side if the correction helps in your learning, why not just accept it, right? Face the minor embarassment to avoid major embarassing moments in the future.

But, what I DON'T get is when we mispell stuff in our own language. Look at this sign:

Which moron who did not spell check before they send it out to do this signage? It's funny but at the same time it's also embarassing that you have spelling problem and it's your Bahasa Kebangsaan.

And what about this one? I think some Timorleste dude wrote this but I could be wrong.

And finally, I want to share a stupid story with you guys. Last Saturday, I went to Tanjung Aru Beach for satay and supposedly beef burger with cheese. I think the girl that took my order have a short term memory. I remember very clearly that I ordered, beef burger with cheese (I know by right, you can just say cheese burger and they know it's beef) but to my dissapointment this short term memory girl or probably the guy who prepared the food decided to make a joke on me by making a CHEESE BURGER WITHOUT BEEF . Kimak!!!! So, what's inside? Ada cheese, ada lettuce and ketchup. Punya Lawak!!! Saya tampar tu orang tu. Nasib baik RM2 jak!!

Joke of the day

Pouty moi after the cheese burger incident.
Moral of the story: Don''t assume they understand what you understand, you must make sure they repeat the order before they leave your table.

I wish I can sleep all day like Pica. Eat, sleep and play everyday.

Note to self: reduce instant food intake or die early.


IdaFlorida said...

muahahahaha...!! dorg eja ikut sebutan dorg ba tu..hehehe

GlamX said...

hahaha.ya...misti tu kan.hahahaha.lawak..banyak bah tu pics sya macam ni tapi ntah mana sya simpan.