Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dreams are made of ......

Wanna know what my fantasy job is? it is

LOL. I know it's impossible, I have to grow another 3 to 5 inches but a girl can always dream, can't I?

Plus, I have a very INTERESTING dream few months back that I am one of the Pussycat Dolls. LOL. I had such a good sleep.

I know, I know, my blog is starting to sound ridiculous right now, believe me, I have stories and photos to share but the current Internet situation at work is really driving me crazy insane mad right now. I lost all hope on how to deal with it. And, on top of that I have to finish 4 chapter on my class which I aim to do before mid April. So, wish me luck on that.

And, of late, I've been daydreaming and fantasizing a lot. Not healthy but I guess sometimes the dreams and fantasy makes your life more bearable and least boring. The inner side of me wanting to be released to fly away from home, to experience new things, to look for new challenges and most important is to be happier in life, get to know new people, to get what I want. I know that sound selfish but I believe it's only fair that we want the best for our self. I want difference in my life and I better start doing something about it. Nancy boleh!!!! Ya!!!!! Semangat yang jitu berkobar-kobar dalam diri.... MUAHAHAHAHAHAH.

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