Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Misery on a Tuesday Morning

Hello Peeps!!

Happy going back to work after a nice long weekend. I suppose it's nice to all of us. Anyways, I took a day off on Friday especially to go to a saloon and touch up my colored hair cos its starting to look like as if I'm idolizing cat's fur (the combination of black and yellow on your had is totally uncool and unchio at all)So, I was thinking of trying a new hair color probably darker because I did a daring thing trying almost blond the other day but finally changed my mind, instead I did a hair root touch up so that my hair don't look like the cat (picture above).

This week is gonna be a busy week for me. I have two chapters to cover for my class, have to learn basic HTML and that horrifying Dreamweaver (it is sort of horrifying for me) and most importantly my work desktop is attacked by spyware. Again. It seems so unfair because this time around never did I turn off my virus and spyware protection while browsing the Net but I guess it happens. Making things worse is, I'm using Vista so wide range support isn't available. Okay, partly true. There is support if you Google but sometimes the solutions doesn't apply because the cause of the problem may vary for one error message that appear in the screen. OMG, I sounded like someone yang so damn mintapuji Miss Know It All when I wrote that one. Actually, I'm just whining and complaining. So, please excuse the perasan mode, ladies and gentlemen. I'm just so depressed when my computers are having this kind of problem.

So, I'm gonna deal with my misery first and will post up entries with pictures soon.


Sofia ★ Legend said...

Misery needs company and I think I am with you for this week :)) but it sounds like you may have it a little worse. Good luck with dreamweaver and your virus :(( that sucks! At least you guys have great weather lol that's something to be happy about.

Nice job on your blog GlamX!

GlamX said...

Yeah.seems like that.Thanks Sofia.I need all the luck in the world,so to speak.LOL. And we people over here are starting to get annoyed with this weather.