Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MUST WATCH: Susan Boyle - I Dreamed of a Dream

I teared up a little watching this video. Mainly because the song itself is depressing and sounded sad and secondly is because, I was in awe and amazed on how such a beautiful voice come out from this 47 years old never been kissed lady living with her cat, Pebbles.

First impression, can be wrong. Do you get that feeling when you watch American Idol, and you see some hot guy or girl, and your first impression is, he/she can sing well and turns out, Alvin and the Chipmunks sounds better than them. Well, this is the case with Susan Boyle, by first impression, you will immediately think of those horrible audition in American Idol and maybe the female version of William Hung (oh well, there are others but he is the most memorable in the bunch and I hate the fact that I can't name any other worst auditioner other than him). True, she doesn't have the eye candy factor and guys will not line up outside her house to date her because like we all know, guys are visual, it takes time for them to appreciate the soul and personality of someone. But, Susan is gifted with a talent, a voice that captures the heart of many, made me think of that song Thank You For The Music by ABBA.

Look at this 'schmuck' and judging look of a Snow White's stepmother look alike. Desh..bengkok hidung pun!!!

Another audience with the same reaction when Susan said she wants to be as successful as Elaine Page ( an English singer and actress best known for her work in musical theater)
The judges before Susan started to sing - look so sinical there

Can't really see here but this girl is teary eyed

Must check out her audition (you've gotta watch to appreciate), embedding is disabled for this video, so, I don't know how other blogs managed to embed it but anyway here's the link:


Told you, she's good.

Happiness tears...

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