Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pimp Your Browser with Personas for Firefox

Earlier this morning, I saw an ad while browsing the Internet. It was Personas for Firefox created by Chris Beard with some help from Mozilla people and Firefox fans. An application or add-ons for your Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Personas for Firefox functions as a theme to your web browser, you have a lot of selections of themes sorted in categories for you to choose from. Personas for Firefox is the new concept in browser customization. Before, you have to add new themes every time you want to use a new theme to go with your browser, but with Personas, you have vast selection of themes and if you can create your own, you can e-mail it to Chris and it will be added into the collection of theme.

I installed it, and it works fine with the browser, not intrusive with my browsing activities and works as expected and the most important thing is my browser looks beautiful!!!

However, this Personas is still under development so, changes will be made from time to time and according to the information that I read, they will add more functions to Personas than just being a theme to your Mozilla Firefox browser.

To install Personas, click the link below:


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