Monday, May 25, 2009

Nothing Intelligent To Talk About

I see people's blog are getting more interesting by the day, a lot of stories to tell, cherished moments to share, good news to tell the world and just stories that makes you go right round right round. LOL.

As for me, I still think I have nothing intelligent to talk about, though I have many things in my head that I need to put in writing and share with you who reads the blog. I have a lot of issues to talk about but I'm hesitating because some things that I think I need to say out loud might be offending to some, even if I meant well or I did not mean to offend anyone like my previous Vagina Monologue entry, which was supposed to be funny but turned out someone did not get what I meant by that entry. I know there's a freedom of speech and all that and this is a personal blog but I'm trying to make this blog as less offensive as it can be.

Other than that, I get over my obsession on RLC. But, now, I have a new obsession, FaceBook. LOL. I am offically the Ghost of FaceBook since three weeks ago, but it's banned at work, so.... nothing I can do about that because it's an ORDER by top management but hehehe ... just because the network management is all over the place right now at work, some are still able to access FB. Kuakua.

I am also generally in a very happy mood lately for some reason and this TOROPODON mode always strike when I least expected. And I share this toropodoness with Jacynta R. Lidi the most. And also, one thing that I noticed that ever since we found the makeup magic, I am so damn embarassed to think that I'm smokin' hot last year, when I look back at all my pictures... gosh! what was I thinking... DELETING PICTURES NEED TO BE DONE.

Bah, okaylah...I ran out of ideas on what to talk about....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wah! Ya?

Wah! Ya? That's gotta be the cutest expression ever in my dictionary right now. LOL.

And on the way to work earlier I think the songs on the radio are just mocking me... cis!!


I still find this video of CyntaCinta damn funny, even after so many many months posted on YouTube.

I even posted it on my FaceBook and share with friends because it's THAT damn funny.

It's been posted to Cynta's blog few months back but here I am posting it again.

Ai ..... Cynta, should do another spoof or lip-sync again. Now, I have the Fantasy Girl mp3. Apa lagi !!!!!!

To visit her blog, click this: CrazyCyn

Another funny video that I saw from SweetWiskies blog is this one:

Elsa, ko misti suka ni. Hehehe.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day in Tambunan

So, last Mommy's Days we went to Tambunan to celebrate this mommy's day with all the mommies in the family but so far there's only 3 mommies, my mom, Amy and Cynta's mommy. My sister, Anni was having a thing at church so she couldn't come.

So, this going to back to hometown trip also ended up being a unprofessional photo shoot session for me, Cynta, Amy and Genesis. By saying unprofessional here, I meant, there was no proper course taken and I think the pictures turned out pretty amazing. In fact, it did intrigue a lot of comments in Facebook by friends, so, to those who haven't seen these set of photos, well, you can view it too but I limit the photo upload to 11 only because if I upload too many, this entry will be THAT long and I don't know how to rearrange those photos in tables and columns yet like Sofia's, maybe I should ask her how she did that but I'm suppose to be an IT person, I should be able to figure it out myself. Anyways, if you know how, please inform me, so that I save time to google it. Ha ha.

It's 7.11pm and heavy rain, slightly cold and was caught in the rain on the way home from work just now. Well, I hope I don't get sick with fever plus cough plus flu again. I don't want to go down that road again and funny when I think about it now, I actually did think that I have TB. LMAO. Thank God, it was all in my head. See ... it's never good having a weird sense of imagination and thoughts, it scares the hell out of you sometimes.

Another thing funny about this post is, this is suppose to be a post about Mother's Day and by right, there's suppose to be a picture of my mommy with a Mother's Day cake but ... this is slightly different. Believe it or not, among all the 400++ pictures taken with my cam on that day, not a single pic of the mommies with a cake, at least to indicate that we really did buy them something for Mother's Day. Maybe Cynta's cam has it, I'll ask her later.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Gah!!! I've been reminding myself that I should write or update my blog since I have been absent almost the whole month of April.

But, guess what? I AM SO DAMN LAZY and to make it worse, I am not even THAT busy to begin with, students are on semester break, it's not hectic at work, not assignments to do, in fact I am pretty much FREE but here I am being lazy which is my true natural talent these days, yep, that's right .. procrastinating. LOL. I so hate that word but now that's the only word that describe my state PERFECTLY right now. I'm a true procrastinator at heart. Yeah baby!!!

Oh, so since this entry is pointless, I'm gonna list out my least favorite words that I can think of right now:

1. Exotic - the reason is ... because I've been 'labelled' as EXOTIC by friends, especially international friends who reads this blog and adds me on social networking sites. I truly hate that word because in my mind, exotic equals to being compared to any snake species and I hate snakes. Kimak. I so hate snakes. I know what they meant well by saying the moi is EXOTIC, because we are Asians so automatically we are exotic. But, still, whenever you say exotic, immediately snake pops out in my mind and I hate that.

2. Futuristic - I don't know why, it just gives me some kind of uneasiness and annoyance everytime I hear that word.

3. Repertoire - Heck, I used to know what it means but I forgot and I get the same uneasiness and annoyance when I hear the word futuristic when I hear repertoire or see that word in a sentence when I'm reading.

4. Anjakan Paradigma - WTF does this means? Anyone who knows, please tell me. Please please please. Mau muntah rasa dengar ini anjakan paradigma ini.

5. Pattern - LOL, I don't even know why my hati rasa gatal-gatal bila dengar perkataan ini.

6. Procrastinate - sebab ada wajah seseorang muncul bila dengar/taip perkataan ini. Benci!!!!!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

I subscribe to this channel

I chatted with Peetal yesterday and he shared this link with me and OMG ... I'm so loving it.

I surbscribed to this YouTube channel because I find it so good and I love the make up techniques she is using.

Thank you Peetal.

Check this out:

I especially love this Mysterious Masquerade Look,

Babes, bila kita mau try ni make up ...??

I think...


I think Juliette look like this Kourtney Kardashian girl:

Aku tak de gambar Juliet, tapi yang pernah nampak tu maybe agree with me... LOL. Wen, ko rasa ada resemblance ka?

Last but not least, HAPPY BELATED CINCO DE MAYO ... yes, we don't celebrate that here but some parts of US or all parts of US celebrate that. Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for Fifth of May, a celebration to commemorate the victory of Mexican army's over much better equipped French forces that have not been defeated over 50 years on 5th May 1862. In United States, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride and the culture and experiences of Americans of Mexican ancestry, something like St. Patrick's Days celebrated by American from Irish heritage.


So, I am quite in a blogging mood this morning. Students are on their semester's break and looks like I won't be teaching any subjects next semester. Yippie. But, if I do, I don't think its such a big problem because I love teaching, it makes you push yourself to learn in order to able to teach. Haha. So, most of my friends either finished their post grads or rather started and I haven't. Why the hiccup you say ... well, for starters, I'm not in the groove to get to that yet plus there's no motivation to it. I mean, when I have my post grad degree, what's next? I haven't figured that out yet. I don't want to enroll in any post grad degree programmes just because everyone else does, that is just so wrong, not only you are not sincere with yourself, you are also doing it just because you don't want to be left behind and nothing to talk about when people around talk about their thesis, weekend classes, assignments, viva etc etc etc. And you feel like they are rubbing it to your face and in reality that was not their intention, it's just small talk. As for me, I'll be happy and contented enough to talk about shoes and sales. LOL.

Earlier this morning, as usual I had breakfast with my BFF, Ida, and while she was ordering sempat juga I scan her body, not being pervert lah!!! Damn, she have such nice booty and boobies. LOL. I'm so damn jealous. FYI, she's mmm 16 weeks pregnant if I'm not mistaken. And she is so glowy glowy. You know what they say, if the mommy is glowy during her pregnancy, chances are the baby is a boy.

Earlier this month, as I mentioned in my previous entries, I bought a new kickass lappie and I bought other stuff that made me happy as well ... it's sort of cheap indulgence. Who doesn't love bargain shopping right? I do. And if those of you who didn't know yet, Lea Centre in City Mall KK is on SALES. All items half price : shoes, handbags and purse. But, I didn't see any of those Guess bags around.

Mean while, we are still on the fence about the puppy's name. My sister wants to name her Pico, which lame. LOL. Cos, one of her cat is Pica. I want to name her Fei Fei and the rest has their own name suggestions. This little puppy will be so confused with too many names. Haha. Anyway, for this blog entry, I'm gonna name her Fei Fei. Fei Fei is getting better by the day, she's healthy, happy and loves kitten. Her wound is closing up, no more mean maggots trying to make living inside her body.
This is my new laptop, okay not this one but same model. Compaq CQ40. Good enough to do everything that I want to do, not pretty enough, I wish they come up with below RM2000 laptops with color selection but I guess, couldn't ask too much. LOL. ( I would've want a purple laptop)
The spec:

NOTE: If you dye your hair light brown - dark blonde-ish almost red-head, don't buy the brown family contact lenses, looks odd in pictures. Trust me. Been there, done that.

I'm gonna share this video, our journey of trying to pull out an emergency last minute preparation of a Surprise birthday party for my nephew Wawan. We bought him a pink birthday cake, with flowers. LOL.

NOTE: Kimak YouTube. Made the video too dark. Can't see anything and I sounded like reading a text. Hahahaha. Budu.

Outside mommy's home after church.

another video ....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I love this hair style...

check out moi hair...i'm so loving it!!! LOL. It took me around 30 minutes to do this, I wanted to have this kind of hair style for so long but I'm afraid that those stupid people at saloon will do it wrong and it will end up looking like a poodle or worst aunties punya perm. flashback to Daisy's perm do when she went Karamunsing. Ouch. Bidanya time baru siap. Her dad even said, she looked like her Nenek Sungoi. Imagine that!!!!! That's real hair tau extension... though I want to try it by end of this year .... let's see how it looks okay??

Point to ponder: We Asian should be proud of our late-aging process. I don't know if it is by our ethnicity or by the place we live in or by skin care product doings, it seems like we age quite slow, which is a very good thing. I'm not trying to naik bakul angkat sendiri here but my overseas friends (US and Europe friends mainly, male and females) think that I'm 21 or the highest age guess is 25. And for real, I'm 28, God I feel old just by saying that. Kimak!!! I wish my age stays 25 till the day I die.... Oh tidak.... I having that Fran Fine syndrome...

But I think it's true that people at the other side of the world age fast. Look at Jordin Sparks, she's 19 but looks like 25. Hah.

Disturbia ....


I've never ever been TOO sick the whole 28 years of my life. I think my illness this time is the WORST that I've experienced. I couldn't get up for 3 consecutive days, my head feels like spinning when I had to get up for toilet and shower time (don't think I skip mandi even if I'm sick ah...) and to make matters worst is I have this severe chest pain when I breathe, move and even cough so I have to control my coughing, movement and breathing so that it wouldn't hurt so bad. I even cried a cry of pain whenever I need to cough because of itchy throat or when I try to change my sleep position because after a while you feel like changing your sleep positon, right?

Sunday evening to went to Permai Polyclinic for meds and they gave me meds for fever, antibiotic and some coughy syrup but the doctor did also mention that I might have lung infection.

After taking the meds, my fever broke down, I think it was 110 degree Fahrenheit when I went to see the doctor and now the fever broke down but I'm still feeling light headed as of now and I'm almost done taking my meds. One thing that I forgot to mention to my doctor is that my sputum has a rusty color, thick and looks like it has blood specks. So, I'm going to QEH this evening for further check-up because I'm afraid that it might be pneumonia or any other diseases that could risk my life if not treated at an early stage, (which I hope not).