Friday, May 15, 2009


Gah!!! I've been reminding myself that I should write or update my blog since I have been absent almost the whole month of April.

But, guess what? I AM SO DAMN LAZY and to make it worse, I am not even THAT busy to begin with, students are on semester break, it's not hectic at work, not assignments to do, in fact I am pretty much FREE but here I am being lazy which is my true natural talent these days, yep, that's right .. procrastinating. LOL. I so hate that word but now that's the only word that describe my state PERFECTLY right now. I'm a true procrastinator at heart. Yeah baby!!!

Oh, so since this entry is pointless, I'm gonna list out my least favorite words that I can think of right now:

1. Exotic - the reason is ... because I've been 'labelled' as EXOTIC by friends, especially international friends who reads this blog and adds me on social networking sites. I truly hate that word because in my mind, exotic equals to being compared to any snake species and I hate snakes. Kimak. I so hate snakes. I know what they meant well by saying the moi is EXOTIC, because we are Asians so automatically we are exotic. But, still, whenever you say exotic, immediately snake pops out in my mind and I hate that.

2. Futuristic - I don't know why, it just gives me some kind of uneasiness and annoyance everytime I hear that word.

3. Repertoire - Heck, I used to know what it means but I forgot and I get the same uneasiness and annoyance when I hear the word futuristic when I hear repertoire or see that word in a sentence when I'm reading.

4. Anjakan Paradigma - WTF does this means? Anyone who knows, please tell me. Please please please. Mau muntah rasa dengar ini anjakan paradigma ini.

5. Pattern - LOL, I don't even know why my hati rasa gatal-gatal bila dengar perkataan ini.

6. Procrastinate - sebab ada wajah seseorang muncul bila dengar/taip perkataan ini. Benci!!!!!


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