Thursday, May 7, 2009

I think...


I think Juliette look like this Kourtney Kardashian girl:

Aku tak de gambar Juliet, tapi yang pernah nampak tu maybe agree with me... LOL. Wen, ko rasa ada resemblance ka?

Last but not least, HAPPY BELATED CINCO DE MAYO ... yes, we don't celebrate that here but some parts of US or all parts of US celebrate that. Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for Fifth of May, a celebration to commemorate the victory of Mexican army's over much better equipped French forces that have not been defeated over 50 years on 5th May 1862. In United States, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride and the culture and experiences of Americans of Mexican ancestry, something like St. Patrick's Days celebrated by American from Irish heritage.

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