Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day in Tambunan

So, last Mommy's Days we went to Tambunan to celebrate this mommy's day with all the mommies in the family but so far there's only 3 mommies, my mom, Amy and Cynta's mommy. My sister, Anni was having a thing at church so she couldn't come.

So, this going to back to hometown trip also ended up being a unprofessional photo shoot session for me, Cynta, Amy and Genesis. By saying unprofessional here, I meant, there was no proper course taken and I think the pictures turned out pretty amazing. In fact, it did intrigue a lot of comments in Facebook by friends, so, to those who haven't seen these set of photos, well, you can view it too but I limit the photo upload to 11 only because if I upload too many, this entry will be THAT long and I don't know how to rearrange those photos in tables and columns yet like Sofia's, maybe I should ask her how she did that but I'm suppose to be an IT person, I should be able to figure it out myself. Anyways, if you know how, please inform me, so that I save time to google it. Ha ha.

It's 7.11pm and heavy rain, slightly cold and was caught in the rain on the way home from work just now. Well, I hope I don't get sick with fever plus cough plus flu again. I don't want to go down that road again and funny when I think about it now, I actually did think that I have TB. LMAO. Thank God, it was all in my head. See ... it's never good having a weird sense of imagination and thoughts, it scares the hell out of you sometimes.

Another thing funny about this post is, this is suppose to be a post about Mother's Day and by right, there's suppose to be a picture of my mommy with a Mother's Day cake but ... this is slightly different. Believe it or not, among all the 400++ pictures taken with my cam on that day, not a single pic of the mommies with a cake, at least to indicate that we really did buy them something for Mother's Day. Maybe Cynta's cam has it, I'll ask her later.

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