Monday, May 25, 2009

Nothing Intelligent To Talk About

I see people's blog are getting more interesting by the day, a lot of stories to tell, cherished moments to share, good news to tell the world and just stories that makes you go right round right round. LOL.

As for me, I still think I have nothing intelligent to talk about, though I have many things in my head that I need to put in writing and share with you who reads the blog. I have a lot of issues to talk about but I'm hesitating because some things that I think I need to say out loud might be offending to some, even if I meant well or I did not mean to offend anyone like my previous Vagina Monologue entry, which was supposed to be funny but turned out someone did not get what I meant by that entry. I know there's a freedom of speech and all that and this is a personal blog but I'm trying to make this blog as less offensive as it can be.

Other than that, I get over my obsession on RLC. But, now, I have a new obsession, FaceBook. LOL. I am offically the Ghost of FaceBook since three weeks ago, but it's banned at work, so.... nothing I can do about that because it's an ORDER by top management but hehehe ... just because the network management is all over the place right now at work, some are still able to access FB. Kuakua.

I am also generally in a very happy mood lately for some reason and this TOROPODON mode always strike when I least expected. And I share this toropodoness with Jacynta R. Lidi the most. And also, one thing that I noticed that ever since we found the makeup magic, I am so damn embarassed to think that I'm smokin' hot last year, when I look back at all my pictures... gosh! what was I thinking... DELETING PICTURES NEED TO BE DONE.

Bah, okaylah...I ran out of ideas on what to talk about....

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