Thursday, May 7, 2009


So, I am quite in a blogging mood this morning. Students are on their semester's break and looks like I won't be teaching any subjects next semester. Yippie. But, if I do, I don't think its such a big problem because I love teaching, it makes you push yourself to learn in order to able to teach. Haha. So, most of my friends either finished their post grads or rather started and I haven't. Why the hiccup you say ... well, for starters, I'm not in the groove to get to that yet plus there's no motivation to it. I mean, when I have my post grad degree, what's next? I haven't figured that out yet. I don't want to enroll in any post grad degree programmes just because everyone else does, that is just so wrong, not only you are not sincere with yourself, you are also doing it just because you don't want to be left behind and nothing to talk about when people around talk about their thesis, weekend classes, assignments, viva etc etc etc. And you feel like they are rubbing it to your face and in reality that was not their intention, it's just small talk. As for me, I'll be happy and contented enough to talk about shoes and sales. LOL.

Earlier this morning, as usual I had breakfast with my BFF, Ida, and while she was ordering sempat juga I scan her body, not being pervert lah!!! Damn, she have such nice booty and boobies. LOL. I'm so damn jealous. FYI, she's mmm 16 weeks pregnant if I'm not mistaken. And she is so glowy glowy. You know what they say, if the mommy is glowy during her pregnancy, chances are the baby is a boy.

Earlier this month, as I mentioned in my previous entries, I bought a new kickass lappie and I bought other stuff that made me happy as well ... it's sort of cheap indulgence. Who doesn't love bargain shopping right? I do. And if those of you who didn't know yet, Lea Centre in City Mall KK is on SALES. All items half price : shoes, handbags and purse. But, I didn't see any of those Guess bags around.

Mean while, we are still on the fence about the puppy's name. My sister wants to name her Pico, which lame. LOL. Cos, one of her cat is Pica. I want to name her Fei Fei and the rest has their own name suggestions. This little puppy will be so confused with too many names. Haha. Anyway, for this blog entry, I'm gonna name her Fei Fei. Fei Fei is getting better by the day, she's healthy, happy and loves kitten. Her wound is closing up, no more mean maggots trying to make living inside her body.
This is my new laptop, okay not this one but same model. Compaq CQ40. Good enough to do everything that I want to do, not pretty enough, I wish they come up with below RM2000 laptops with color selection but I guess, couldn't ask too much. LOL. ( I would've want a purple laptop)
The spec:

NOTE: If you dye your hair light brown - dark blonde-ish almost red-head, don't buy the brown family contact lenses, looks odd in pictures. Trust me. Been there, done that.

I'm gonna share this video, our journey of trying to pull out an emergency last minute preparation of a Surprise birthday party for my nephew Wawan. We bought him a pink birthday cake, with flowers. LOL.

NOTE: Kimak YouTube. Made the video too dark. Can't see anything and I sounded like reading a text. Hahahaha. Budu.

Outside mommy's home after church.

another video ....


IdaFlorida said...

Hey, how dare you..!! awk curi2 tgk aku ya..! aduii amiga..kalo la ko tau betapa risaunya aku ini.. I jz want to get my ‘body’ back after my baby’s tdk terpedaya ni dgn kata2 pujian ko tu..hehehe.. diz boob is killing me!! it requires new bras almost EVERY weeks!

:: Santik la tu rmh mama ko.. byk tu hijau-hijau:)

ReaganRayMunang said...

Darl nice video!..punya gilaksss kamu dlm kereta..hahhah..lucu oohhh :)

GlamX said...

Hahaha..amiga...sori..aku tak sengaja...LOL...hey darl...hahaha...tu kurang hyper tu tau..