Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wah! Ya?

Wah! Ya? That's gotta be the cutest expression ever in my dictionary right now. LOL.

And on the way to work earlier I think the songs on the radio are just mocking me... cis!!


I still find this video of CyntaCinta damn funny, even after so many many months posted on YouTube.

I even posted it on my FaceBook and share with friends because it's THAT damn funny.

It's been posted to Cynta's blog few months back but here I am posting it again.

Ai ..... Cynta, should do another spoof or lip-sync again. Now, I have the Fantasy Girl mp3. Apa lagi !!!!!!

To visit her blog, click this: CrazyCyn

Another funny video that I saw from SweetWiskies blog is this one:

Elsa, ko misti suka ni. Hehehe.


Jessica_Lyne said...

hey there:) blog-hopping!..hehe. can i link you?

GlamX said...

Hey Jessica Lyne, okay sure, i'll link you too...

eLSa said...

aduiii...dari mana bah dia blajar english nie...asal sma bunyi sj lagi tu...hahahhahahahah