Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For dearest Dirty Isabella

I saw this in Erik Gardner's FaceBook profile and think it is cool. Dirty Isabella has been asking me whether or not she's a snob ... so dearest Dirty Isabella, here's the answer ... LOL ... so, snob is not such a bad thing. Or.. is this an acronym to some organization? LOL .. I have no idea, but looking at the facial expression of Mr.President, I think it really meant SNOB as SNOB. Don't you think?? So, snob is not such a bad thing after all.... Kuakuakua....

Jangan marah bah you people, I'm mad bored so I don't know what I write... and I just fake my whole info when chatting with someone earlier ... and my BFF said "Bodoh...hodoh juga info ko tu!!" LMAO.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bida Moment


When you look back at your old pictures, what do you think? Do you:

A. Wish you can relive that moment
B. In awe of how young you look at that time
C. Laugh because it reminds you of something
D. Grossed out because you look totally BIDA and you feel like you want to burn it.

Right now, my answer is D!!! I'm NOT talking about pictures of my childhood, I still think I look cute during those years, I'm talking about pictures over these past few years, 2000 - 2007.

And someone digging it up and saying it's cute doesn't necessarily make me feel any better, in fact, I think people are just saying that just to be polite because only people closest to you will tell it to your face that OMG, you look horrible and actually I don't mind if they say so because I myself know that it's true and I can't deny it. Gosh, I think DY must've felt like this when people started digging up her old pictures . LOL. Thank God, I'm not famous.

So, in the spirit of XX, I'm gonna post up 10 years timeline pictures in my blog soon, starting from the MOST HORRIBLE PICTURE TO DATE that I have of myself and we can laugh about it but one thing for sure, the transformation was not helped by any cosmetic surgery, I wish I have that money to do so, but then, like I said to my boyfriend, if I ever go under the knife, I would do a boob job first and get a DD and be his personal porn star. LOL. So, facelift is out of the question...LOL. Well, maybe a little bit but still deciding which part of the body to surgically enhance (besides boobies)

So...keep checking, I'm still compiling those pictures and scanning it for entertainment.