Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Inspired By .... Misa Campo

So, last May, we were surfing the net and stumbled upon this hottie named Misa Campo and I immediately felt that "I kissed a girl, I liked it" moment just seeing her photos and inspired to take pictures just like hers, so me being me, I like to do things ALL OUT to get the desired result. I dragged my niece, Jacynta into doing it or maybe she dragged me. I don't know. You see, great minds think alike! So, we chose mom's place to do the photoshoot, cos there's a BIG room there that we can actually turn into a unprofessional studio for that particular craziness and saved pictures of Misa Campo for reference. So, to cut a long story short, we did that photoshoot but I'm sorry people, those pictures WILL NOT be posted here or anywhere else for that matter. You have to be VERY LUCKY and EXTRA HOT to have the chance to see it. So, here's a non-racy one that is blog-friendly and user-friendly.

The Inspiration.......

My version

Okay, doesn't really look like the inspiration... can't really see my face but I think it's not bad at all. Good for a first attempt. And thank you Jacynta for this photo. XoXo.

It's been a while ...

When we are NOT partying like a rock star (at least in our mind we are, haha!), what better way to spend your weekend than just doing random relaxation stuff that does not involve you dressing up and all dolled up for the night out. For me, the best weekend relaxation is going back to mom's and just being lazy, sloth-mode ON (I am so definitely the true definition of Queen of Sloth) or just hanging out at the beach, eat, window shopping, gossiping and MOST IMPORTANTLY, CAMWHORE!!!!

I don't mean camwhore as in wikipedia's definition of it which is:

1. A cam whore (sometimes cam-whore or cam-slut)[1] is an in
dividual who performs sexual services on the Internet with webcam software in exchange for money or goods, usually by a fixed per minute fee or by encouraging viewers to purchase items on their wish lists or add to their online accounts.[2] While the label is usually cons
idered derogatory and insulting,[3] it is also used by these people to describe
themselves, occasionally in a self-deprecating manner.
(Source: Wikipedia)
2. The term "cam whore" is also used to refer to individuals who post pictures or videos of themselves on the Internet to gain attention. The term disparages those who po
st pictures of themselves at inappropriate times or places, and usually implies self-absorption. This second usage of the term, deriding vanity and histrionics, is overtaking the prior, more intuitive definition. It is usually synonymous with attention whore.
(Source: Wikipedia, where else?? Duh..)

OK. Maybe a little bit of number two definition. But, then again, I don't actually have any what they call "inappropriate" pictures posted on the Internet like this one:

Personally, I think this kind of picture is AWESOME and FUN and I really don't mind taking these kinds of pictures just for fun but not to post it online to gain attention. I think I can have that without having to publish it. LOL. Okay, blog inspector (you know who you are), I'm just saying I DON'T MIND TAKING THIS KIND OF PICS. RELAX. Can't I have my opinion IN MY OWN BLOG?? If you have problem with my random thoughts, I suggest you stop reading this blog. OK, pissed-off mode gone now.

So being the camwhore that we are (nieces and I), I have THOUSANDS OF PICTURES in my laptop and desktop and external HDD! I gotta do some serious 'cleaning' to my hard disks real soon!

(Intermission: Damn it! Vista failed to install on my work dekstop!!!!!)

Some of the pictures that I have not uploaded elsewhere (not even in Facebook):

Okay, so maybe I did upload this one on FB?

Tempted to snap snap in a church!!

At Jesselton Point, spending the evening feeling the breeze and watching sunset...

So, what's the point of this entry?? NONE. I just wanted to post pics, the non dolled up version of me. See .. to those who thinks I'm hiding behind heavy makeups, actually I DON'T LOOK THAT HORRENDOUS EVEN WITHOUT IT. Kids will not run and pee in pants seeing me makeup-less. Ask Genesis.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vacation and Stuff

Okay, call my life boring but I love spending time with my family, not that I am lacking of interpersonal skill and get anyone besides family to go on vacation with me .. it's just that I lost almost all my friends to motherhood. Get it? It's easy to make friends, but do you really wanna go on a vacation with them, I have a few in mind right now that I don't mind going on a vacation with but they're just too far from where I am, so family is the BEST option.

But, there are things that I hate when it comes to planning a vacation with your family, especially if you have elder brothers and sister (she is the MOST dominant ,might I add) that can basically change the plan around as they please. So, I've been talking about this trip to Sipadan Island since I don't know when, maybe months ago because I sooooo wanna go there, I know it's beautiful and it's a waste not going there when you are actually living your life on this tropical island and you only hear about how beautiful it is but never actually went there. That's pathetic. So, here's how the plan you planned turn into something else that you don't want. But, thank God, my second elder brother Richard is just like me, so since he is also a dominant male in the family, I think I can convince him to convince the others to go with MY plan. Hahaha. In your face, sister!

Me: Let's go to Sipadan Island, make a family road trip,it's been ages since we did that.
Richard: Yea, let's do that. we can stop by Lahad Datu and visit my palm oil plantation on the way there, spent a night there and continue journey to Semporna (need to go here to go to Mabul) next morning. We use Raymonds, mine and Anni's car. You can use my Prado. (*yay* )
Me: Let's do that soon .. when?
Richard: This weekend.
Me: (*thinking mode* need to go to 1Borneo, to buy new bikini, definitely need to do a bikini shot there with the girls!!, mention the road trip idea to Anni)
Anni: Yes!! Let's do it, Leo (another brother) told me there's a river in a palm oil plantation somewhere near Tawau that we can go fishing and camping. The fishes are huge, I'm sure it will be a lot of fun.
Me: Oh, we're not going fishing, we're going to Mabul and spend a night or two there, going straight from Lahad datu to Semporna.
Anni: Yeah, I know, but we can also go fishing and camping first before Semporna,
Me: (*damn it, do you have any idea HOW FAR Semporna is and how tiring it is to drive all the way there and then go fishing and camp then go to Mabul, that's not what I had in mind* - I wish I can say this to my sister, like I say, I'm almost the youngest in my family so can't say that to big sister, boo hoo)

In another area of mom's house:

Me: Richard, I told Anni about our road trip to Semporna, she say, she also want to go camping and fishing somewhere in Tawau before going to Semporna (*insert sad tone and miserable face here*)
Richard: What???!! I don't want to go fishing and camping
Me: Me too ...
Richard: So, let them go fishing and camping and we go straight to Semporna, even better.
Me: Ya!!!! (*Happiness*)
Don't get me wrong, I love my sister but I can't really say I like fishing and camping, but I'm open to that idea actually, just that it's not exciting when you already have Mabul in your mind and then someone say let's go fishing and camping in a palm oil plantation somewhere and to make it worst, chances are if we do the fishing/camping activity first, we might not be going to Sipadan after all, because everybody will be tired. Then... there goes my Sipadan vacation....

So, this weekend, my sister will not be going ... *insert evil smile here* , you know what that means!!! NO FISHING/CAMPING TRIP.

UPDATE: As of 6.00 p.m. yesterday, there was a rumors that we might be going to MANILA this weekend ... what??????? Woah .... there's goes my Mabul Island road trip out the window again. *Sigh* But, that's not confirmed yet so let's hoping that either one of these plans are coming true .... Let's enjoy the beauty of Mabul Island from picture below

P/S: Some people in Facebook needs extra time on Photoshop tutorials man .. I'm serious... it reminds me of my Photoshop works many months ago ... LOL. Now I know, the best is not to photoshop at all (except for brightness/contrast adjustment)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy July !!!!

It's back to school to some of my nieces !!!

It's time to party like a rockstar babes!!!!

Lets paint the town red tonight ...

I gotta feeling .... that tonight's gonna be a good night ...

Well ... my bestest night so far is last Saturday .... YIPPIE!!!! Met some cool people .... sigh ....

Enjoy the pics ....

Lets make the BEST OUTING EVER this weekend as well...