Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Photoshoot with GOGDS

I LIKE!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

I Think I Know Who..

After long thoughts and sudden rush of blood to my brain, I finally realized that I might know who has been Googling me with different versions of my name, since that person is not in Facebook anymore and I haven't updated my blog for so long, that person had the urge to Google me for some new pictures, like I say I am not yet someone famous for anyone to Google me so I pretty much have the idea of who's doing that. And if you are reading this, I know who you are and you know I know who you are. You might be hiding behind someone's image to get attention, I think you better stop doing that now. Do you even realize, how much pain it costs and how much anger someone feels over dishonesty as such? Whatever reason behind your action now, it doesn't matter. It can't justify the fact that you actually hurt someone with your lies. So, friendly advice to you, STOP before you hurt more people. What would you feel if someone uses your identity to con people and people hate you because of that person. Ever thought of that?

So, I have uploaded new pictures here and I do not appreciate any act of saving it even if it's for keep sake purpose. That is just so wrong. It's even creepier if you are gonna turn in into a slide presentation using Windows Movie Maker. Ewwww. So, please respect this.

Thank You.

And did you open the PeekYou.Com account?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Palui punya peekyou.com

Earlier this morning, I checked my Nuffnang account just to see how much I earned from blog advertising. Okay, honestly, not that much because I am not someone famous for people to keep coming back visiting my blog even when I don’t have updates, my daily hit is only 50+, compared to some blogs that gets 20,000 hits per day, fuck, mine is like only 1% of that, how pathetic. LMAO.

So, I checked my analytics and saw this on the keyword results that re-directs visits to my blog:

ScreenHunter_13 Aug. 04 15.12

I am NOT shocked, it happened before, like few times, so I’m guessing it’s harmless, I thought probably it’s just someone out there so bored that he/she Google everything that come to mind. I have an entry about this back in April, and thanked whoever Googled me and ask if he/she help me click my Nuffnang Ad so that I become rich from blogging. LOL. To read that entry, click this link:

To Whom It May Concern



I know it’s a very common name, probably hundreds of thousands around the world but couldn’t be that many Nancy Anthony in KK, no? But, hold on, even if there is more than one Nancy Anthony in KK, chances are there’s only one NANCY ANTHONY LIDI OKALA in the world which is moi and that was the keyword for the previous Google search that was redirected to this shitty blog. Okay, okay, calm down, I’m getting to my point here and don’t roll your eyes thinking that I'm vain and think that I think I’m famous. Relax. Take a deep breathe. Here goes…

I used the keyword I saw in Nuffnang Analytics and here’s the result:

ScreenHunter_14 Aug. 04 15.33

My blog is the first result on Google. So, I thought nothing new about that. Let’s see what come out if I click “Images”

ScreenHunter_15 Aug. 04 15.38

And, I saw my ugly 2005 photo there. WTF? And look at the link, peekyou.com?? WTH is PeekYou? Never heard of it. So I clicked it and redirected here:

ScreenHunter_16 Aug. 04 15.42

And clicked “Contact”, saw this page:

ScreenHunter_17 Aug. 04 15.45

So, why do I make a big fuss about this??? Well, here’s my concern:

  • I NEVER EVER DID SIGN UP IN PEEKYOU.COM, and yet my name and ugly picture is there.
  • Which online social networking MORON sell this kind of information to third-party companies??? Facebook? MySpace? Friendster? Tagged? or did they gain access to your information when you use their applications in any of those social networking sites? (Barn Buddy, Mafia Wars, etc).
  • Is it secure to publish your information on the Internet? What about online identity theft? I am not talking about credit card fraud or any financial fraud because the experts have come up with preventive measures to avoid that. I am talking about those non-financial related matters such as using your details and imposing as you to dupe others in social networking sites. Pretending to be you to gain attention and live in the fantasy of becoming you (at least in virtual world). If that happen, should we be worried or flattered? This can happen to you! People might think that the profile they are visiting is really belong to you and they are in contact with you!

So, just a thought, is there someone out there posing as Nancy Anthony in any other social networking sites that I don’t know about??? Hmmmm……… I’m such a camwhore (not the Wikipedia definition on camwhore), I post a lot of my pictures on the Internet, in Facebook and my blog, I believe many of you do so too. Should we be worried??

Before signing off

I have hundreds of pictures, why that one ?????!!!!


Random Stuff

Surprisingly I am in a blogging mode these two days, which is good because I have been abandoning this blog for quite some time. Being lazy and nothing really to blog about.

So, yesterday, while installing software into my newly formatted work desktop computer, I decided to check out and clean my picture folders in my laptop because I think there are A LOT of unworthy for keeping pictures in my laptop that wastes my disk space. Huh!

And I am writing this blog using the Window Live Writer that I installed few minutes ago, a desktop blogging application. Should be cool and easier to blog and insert pictures unlike using the Blogger editor. I find it so damn annoying arranging pictures using the Blogger editor but probably I did not explore the editor enough to find the easy ways to insert pictures to an entry.

So, back to what I was talking about, sorting out the pictures in my laptop. I stumbled upon a few good pictures that I thought was “sooooo freaking asiH” and needed some Photoshopping before I can actually post it online. But, strangely, lately, I don’t think I need that much Photoshop anymore, probably because I’m lazy and I lose interest in Photoshop. Well, that’s not actually the case, probably it’s just that I became self conscious after actively reading and visiting some other blogs who does a lot of photoshopping making me think that I look ugly compared to those people that I need to do the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT saying that I am against that, in fact I love it, it’s a skill that one should be proud of, although there’s a lot of Photoshop users out there, some of them, I think still need to do a lot of tutorials before they decide to post their ‘art’ in Facebook cos trust me, some looks SO WEIRD. I am also not saying that I am a Photoshop Guru but at least I make decent adjustments to my picture as not to make it look like Picasso.

So, this is totally rambling on random stuff, back to the pictures folders. Again. I saw this soooooooo cute picture of Daisy and our late cat, Si Bapa. The name is Si Bapa, because, he is the grandfather of all cats in the house and my late dad loves this cat, and he’s not actually a cat person.


Aww….look how cute he is…

And I love this picture of Cynta and Amy

And this one too:

Fake Christmas Tree at mom’s, those gifts are for real, not for show off:


The family animals … Poor Kibby molested by Amy and Ipik

Image4988 Image4986
Image5005 Image5016

Dining at Shangri – la, so, big brothers (Raymond and Richard), when are we gonna have buffet dinner there?? I love the pastries in Shangri-La!!!

This year’s Valentine’s Day pictures, that’s right, I did not celebrate it, oh well, I did actually, outing with all my favorite citizens of the world: Cynta, Wiwin and Wewen. Don’t know where Amy was at that time:

Last but not least, can you guess who these sleepy heads are???


Oops..one more pic that I heart heart heart even if Daisy’s face is cropped out:

HeheWe were doing the opening dance for Sacred Heart Women’s League Dinner

P/S: I’m uploading this entry to Blogger. First time doing it with Windows Live Writer. Let’s hope I can figure it out and this entry is not wasted.

Wish me Luck!!!


Monday, August 3, 2009

ALBUM Review: Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D

The fifth studio album from one of my favorite hip hop group, The Black Eyed Peas, The E.N.D (abbreviation for Energy Never Dies) is out in store since months ago!!! (Official US Release date was 9th June)

Personally, Boom Boom Pow, the first single from the current album which is their first #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart is not my favorite in the album. The first time I ever heard of that song, I hated Fergie's voice .. too high-pitched for me. But then, after listening to this song played in the clubs around KK which definitely have AWESOME sound system compared to my laptop or my car, I started to LOVE LOVE LOVE that song, but then, only if it is played in the club and not my car or laptop. Will.I.Am must've been on weeds when he composed this song. LOL.With this album, B.E.P is continuing the success of Elephunk and Monkey Business, their previous albums with multiple hits such as "Where is the love", "My Humps", "Don't Lie" and "Let's Get It Started", to name a few. There is some 80's music influence in this album, and obviously this group is trying out a new concept to sell more records, but then stick to their established slick, pop-funk sound that captured hearts of many music lovers.

The album started of with Boom Boom Pow, which is a blast (I only think so after I heard it played in clubs) , so people, for amazing listening pleasure of this song, if you don't have kick ass sound system visit your nearest club to appreciate the music. It totally deserves it's #1 spot on Billboard Hot 100 Charts.

"I Gotta Feeling" is easily the favorite party song of 2009. Hands down! The bebes and I put this on whilst getting ready for the night out. It truly lifts up the party mood and the feel-good mood in you! It's definitely something different than the rest of B.E.P tracks that you may wonder is it really B.E.P? No lyrical depth tho, you can forget about good lyrics but who cares?? It's all about the beat, no? However, I think this is not a club material. Don't think the DJs are gonna play this song in club. Nevertheless, you can listen to it in a car on the way.. hah!

Starting from Boom Boom Pow right to Party All The Time, it's a great mood and energy booster, but, trouble is right after Party All The Time, the album lose it sparks as suddenly the tracks become so serious talking about economy and tribes like WTH? I think the worst song all all the track listed in this album is Ring-A-Ling!!, a song about phone sex. LOL. Don't think a song like that is gonna trigger erection in the first place. Think, Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On instead of Ring-A-Ling.

Like any music albums, The E.N.D has its highs and lows, its moment of euphoria and major embarrassment, songs that you will remember for a VERY long time and songs that you will probably hate for the rest of your life.

The E.N.D Track Listing:

1. Boom Boom Pow
2. Rock That Body
3. Meet Me Halfway
4. Imma Be
5. Alive
6. Missing You
7. Ring-A-Ling
8. Party All The Time
9. Out Of My Head
10. Electric City
11. Showdown
12. Now Generation
13. One Tribe
14. Rockin' To The Beat

(fell in love with the song first time I listen to it)

Fergie looks effin' hot here!!



I wanted to buy this sequin dress for the next outing (which already happened) but decided not to. Looks like something Nanny Fine would have wore. Kan?

Reason of not buying: MAD Expensive, RM99.90 and don't know where else to go with this!

Welcoming this three into the family...LOL
Red 3" heels: RM19.90
Black 5" heels: RM108.00
Pink 4" wedges: RM83

The killer 5" heels I found at Wisma MerdekaInterested? They still have one in Beige/Gold color size 38 and 39.Go grab it. It's really comfortable wearing this heels...but probably not a good idea wearing it for shopping.

My bargain indulgence .. all these for RM214!!

Finally this one...Fake Dior at RM18, I wonder how I can remove the 'Dior' thing off the shades??
Cute bras RM30 for 3 ...

Liza Way Boutique at Asia City, next to Proton EDAR dealer is on sale up to 70%!!!
Shoes are on 30% sales and if you are into 4" - 6" heels, you can find some really chio ones at this boutique. The shop assistant is VERY friendly too, not like those snobs who looks at you judgmentally if you don't buy (as if they can buy it themselves!!)

P/S: Some boutiques are really over-pricing their dresses/shoes. Friendly suggestion: DON'T EVEN GO INSIDE CATWALK BOUTIQUE (they have a branch in 1Borneo). The price mark up are so fucking crazy, I saw a RM50 4" heels at Centre Point (forgot the shop name, sorry) is sold at RM499 at that boutique (with a 50% discount - KONON!)


For the love of Black and White

Many years ago, all pictures are in monochrome mode, which means black and white photography. They didn't have a choice at that time because they have not found the technology to translate colors into pictures. Many years after people invented color film, black and white photography continue to dominate the photography world because the cost is lower to produce it (they probably paid thousands of dollars to print out colored picture back then), but now, the main reason why people choose black and white photography is because it's "classic' photography look. Some professional famous photographers are even focusing their work on capturing black and white photography of people, still lifes, architecture, places and so on.

I personally LOVE black and white pictures, because most of the time, it makes you PICTURE PERFECT BEAUTIFUL and for me, it makes everyone look good, probably because it hides all the imperfection that you can see in a colored photography.

Gabriel Caretti: Tour Eiffel

Courtesy of Rui Pahla

I am not an expert, but for me black and white pictures looks GORGEOUS. It has a certain beauty and elegance into it, and it leaves certain impression into the viewer. If you are into black and white photos, converting a colored photos into one is a no brainer .. everyone can do it, provided you have the image editing software and you can Google and look for tutorials on how to do it. As easy as that! True, it's not gonna beat the professionally captured black and white photos with amazingly expensive cameras but it's fun doing it for your keep sake.

So, here's my colored pictures that I converted into B&W using Adobe Photoshop. Sorry, tons of pictures but please bare with me, I haven't updated for so long. Hehe.