Monday, August 3, 2009

For the love of Black and White

Many years ago, all pictures are in monochrome mode, which means black and white photography. They didn't have a choice at that time because they have not found the technology to translate colors into pictures. Many years after people invented color film, black and white photography continue to dominate the photography world because the cost is lower to produce it (they probably paid thousands of dollars to print out colored picture back then), but now, the main reason why people choose black and white photography is because it's "classic' photography look. Some professional famous photographers are even focusing their work on capturing black and white photography of people, still lifes, architecture, places and so on.

I personally LOVE black and white pictures, because most of the time, it makes you PICTURE PERFECT BEAUTIFUL and for me, it makes everyone look good, probably because it hides all the imperfection that you can see in a colored photography.

Gabriel Caretti: Tour Eiffel

Courtesy of Rui Pahla

I am not an expert, but for me black and white pictures looks GORGEOUS. It has a certain beauty and elegance into it, and it leaves certain impression into the viewer. If you are into black and white photos, converting a colored photos into one is a no brainer .. everyone can do it, provided you have the image editing software and you can Google and look for tutorials on how to do it. As easy as that! True, it's not gonna beat the professionally captured black and white photos with amazingly expensive cameras but it's fun doing it for your keep sake.

So, here's my colored pictures that I converted into B&W using Adobe Photoshop. Sorry, tons of pictures but please bare with me, I haven't updated for so long. Hehe.

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