Friday, August 7, 2009

I Think I Know Who..

After long thoughts and sudden rush of blood to my brain, I finally realized that I might know who has been Googling me with different versions of my name, since that person is not in Facebook anymore and I haven't updated my blog for so long, that person had the urge to Google me for some new pictures, like I say I am not yet someone famous for anyone to Google me so I pretty much have the idea of who's doing that. And if you are reading this, I know who you are and you know I know who you are. You might be hiding behind someone's image to get attention, I think you better stop doing that now. Do you even realize, how much pain it costs and how much anger someone feels over dishonesty as such? Whatever reason behind your action now, it doesn't matter. It can't justify the fact that you actually hurt someone with your lies. So, friendly advice to you, STOP before you hurt more people. What would you feel if someone uses your identity to con people and people hate you because of that person. Ever thought of that?

So, I have uploaded new pictures here and I do not appreciate any act of saving it even if it's for keep sake purpose. That is just so wrong. It's even creepier if you are gonna turn in into a slide presentation using Windows Movie Maker. Ewwww. So, please respect this.

Thank You.

And did you open the PeekYou.Com account?

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