Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Palui punya peekyou.com

Earlier this morning, I checked my Nuffnang account just to see how much I earned from blog advertising. Okay, honestly, not that much because I am not someone famous for people to keep coming back visiting my blog even when I don’t have updates, my daily hit is only 50+, compared to some blogs that gets 20,000 hits per day, fuck, mine is like only 1% of that, how pathetic. LMAO.

So, I checked my analytics and saw this on the keyword results that re-directs visits to my blog:

ScreenHunter_13 Aug. 04 15.12

I am NOT shocked, it happened before, like few times, so I’m guessing it’s harmless, I thought probably it’s just someone out there so bored that he/she Google everything that come to mind. I have an entry about this back in April, and thanked whoever Googled me and ask if he/she help me click my Nuffnang Ad so that I become rich from blogging. LOL. To read that entry, click this link:

To Whom It May Concern



I know it’s a very common name, probably hundreds of thousands around the world but couldn’t be that many Nancy Anthony in KK, no? But, hold on, even if there is more than one Nancy Anthony in KK, chances are there’s only one NANCY ANTHONY LIDI OKALA in the world which is moi and that was the keyword for the previous Google search that was redirected to this shitty blog. Okay, okay, calm down, I’m getting to my point here and don’t roll your eyes thinking that I'm vain and think that I think I’m famous. Relax. Take a deep breathe. Here goes…

I used the keyword I saw in Nuffnang Analytics and here’s the result:

ScreenHunter_14 Aug. 04 15.33

My blog is the first result on Google. So, I thought nothing new about that. Let’s see what come out if I click “Images”

ScreenHunter_15 Aug. 04 15.38

And, I saw my ugly 2005 photo there. WTF? And look at the link, peekyou.com?? WTH is PeekYou? Never heard of it. So I clicked it and redirected here:

ScreenHunter_16 Aug. 04 15.42

And clicked “Contact”, saw this page:

ScreenHunter_17 Aug. 04 15.45

So, why do I make a big fuss about this??? Well, here’s my concern:

  • I NEVER EVER DID SIGN UP IN PEEKYOU.COM, and yet my name and ugly picture is there.
  • Which online social networking MORON sell this kind of information to third-party companies??? Facebook? MySpace? Friendster? Tagged? or did they gain access to your information when you use their applications in any of those social networking sites? (Barn Buddy, Mafia Wars, etc).
  • Is it secure to publish your information on the Internet? What about online identity theft? I am not talking about credit card fraud or any financial fraud because the experts have come up with preventive measures to avoid that. I am talking about those non-financial related matters such as using your details and imposing as you to dupe others in social networking sites. Pretending to be you to gain attention and live in the fantasy of becoming you (at least in virtual world). If that happen, should we be worried or flattered? This can happen to you! People might think that the profile they are visiting is really belong to you and they are in contact with you!

So, just a thought, is there someone out there posing as Nancy Anthony in any other social networking sites that I don’t know about??? Hmmmm……… I’m such a camwhore (not the Wikipedia definition on camwhore), I post a lot of my pictures on the Internet, in Facebook and my blog, I believe many of you do so too. Should we be worried??

Before signing off

I have hundreds of pictures, why that one ?????!!!!



kennmayong said...

I can't imagine what gonna happen if you're both a lawyer and being ICT savvy and all...whether you'll sue peekyou.com

If it was a person, he/she might lose his/her ear ...being bitten off...clean shaven

Nancy said...

Haha...I'll think about that suing bit.. but then I probably didn't read some terms and conditions while signing up to any sites, hence agreeing blindly to any terms and conditions that says I allow them to use my information.