Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random Stuff

Surprisingly I am in a blogging mode these two days, which is good because I have been abandoning this blog for quite some time. Being lazy and nothing really to blog about.

So, yesterday, while installing software into my newly formatted work desktop computer, I decided to check out and clean my picture folders in my laptop because I think there are A LOT of unworthy for keeping pictures in my laptop that wastes my disk space. Huh!

And I am writing this blog using the Window Live Writer that I installed few minutes ago, a desktop blogging application. Should be cool and easier to blog and insert pictures unlike using the Blogger editor. I find it so damn annoying arranging pictures using the Blogger editor but probably I did not explore the editor enough to find the easy ways to insert pictures to an entry.

So, back to what I was talking about, sorting out the pictures in my laptop. I stumbled upon a few good pictures that I thought was “sooooo freaking asiH” and needed some Photoshopping before I can actually post it online. But, strangely, lately, I don’t think I need that much Photoshop anymore, probably because I’m lazy and I lose interest in Photoshop. Well, that’s not actually the case, probably it’s just that I became self conscious after actively reading and visiting some other blogs who does a lot of photoshopping making me think that I look ugly compared to those people that I need to do the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT saying that I am against that, in fact I love it, it’s a skill that one should be proud of, although there’s a lot of Photoshop users out there, some of them, I think still need to do a lot of tutorials before they decide to post their ‘art’ in Facebook cos trust me, some looks SO WEIRD. I am also not saying that I am a Photoshop Guru but at least I make decent adjustments to my picture as not to make it look like Picasso.

So, this is totally rambling on random stuff, back to the pictures folders. Again. I saw this soooooooo cute picture of Daisy and our late cat, Si Bapa. The name is Si Bapa, because, he is the grandfather of all cats in the house and my late dad loves this cat, and he’s not actually a cat person.


Aww….look how cute he is…

And I love this picture of Cynta and Amy

And this one too:

Fake Christmas Tree at mom’s, those gifts are for real, not for show off:


The family animals … Poor Kibby molested by Amy and Ipik

Image4988 Image4986
Image5005 Image5016

Dining at Shangri – la, so, big brothers (Raymond and Richard), when are we gonna have buffet dinner there?? I love the pastries in Shangri-La!!!

This year’s Valentine’s Day pictures, that’s right, I did not celebrate it, oh well, I did actually, outing with all my favorite citizens of the world: Cynta, Wiwin and Wewen. Don’t know where Amy was at that time:

Last but not least, can you guess who these sleepy heads are???


Oops..one more pic that I heart heart heart even if Daisy’s face is cropped out:

HeheWe were doing the opening dance for Sacred Heart Women’s League Dinner

P/S: I’m uploading this entry to Blogger. First time doing it with Windows Live Writer. Let’s hope I can figure it out and this entry is not wasted.

Wish me Luck!!!



Jessica_Lyne said...

Those sleepyheads - cynta and wewen ka tu? i recognize cynta's lips:)

Nancy said...

Haha...Jess,not Cynta that..

SuicideCandy said...

NASIB BUKAN I... Tapi I taw... and damn.. now that i think of it... I really does look like my lips.. SHIT. LOL