Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Who’s That Girl??

Okay, this is a very quick entry. I saw a photo of yours truly in one of my friend’s Flickr and OMFG I look so kimak ugly like the is no ugly person in the world than me. But, still, I am not ashamed to show you the picture here. It’s a 2004 picture and at that time I must admit, I thought I looked really HOT like that. LMAO. Get the vomit bucket now!!! You gonna need it.




Oh well, that’s 5 years ago, you know how I look like now, don’t you? I know I look a bit different now, some might think it’s heavy makeup and some might think its cosmetic surgery. LOL. If only!!

Recent without makeup pic:


What look different than 2004 pic is that, one, I have contact lens on and secondly, my eyebrows are bigger. I should’ve go for a bigger eyebrows since before!!! Look at the brows on previous pics, sudahlah uneven, kecil lagi! Tu bah yang bikin bida tu!!!!

And…here’s a picture with makeup, though you’ve seen this kind of pictures of me many times, I still want to post… HA HA HA!


Errr….unrelated to this post of me looking so freaking asi before.. I want to share some photos that we took during our recent photoshoot with Mr.Gogds


If you want to look chio, do this:

1. Dye your hair to a lighter shade
2. Learn how to use colored lenses or even the black ones looks good too!
3. Learn basic make ups, there are lots of videos on YouTube teaching you just how!!
4. make sure you eyebrows are not too thin!!

So, rather than wasting your time criticizing about other people’s passion and interests to look good, I suggest you do these, it’s for your own good! LOL.

Ciao for now,

Monday, September 7, 2009

What happen to all the BLOGGERS?

I noticed that of late, almost everyone on my blog roll are not updating their blogs. LOL. And, I thought the lazy bug only strike me and me alone!! Haha. Looks like everyone is on Lazy Mode. What happened to all of us? It used to be daily updates on everyone’s blog and now, it’s sooo damn quiet , like nobody exists in blog world anymore. Are we getting less interesting or we are not that bothered to say out loud what we feel or there is urgency to share with people of the world, what are you up to? Or, are you spending more time on Twitter now?? LMAO. You caught me! Guilty as charged!!!

Ok, I think I should balance it out, I should write here often , like I used to, somehow I think my writing skills went from Intermediate to total hopeless for  not updating regularly lately. So, tomorrow I shall post my bargain indulgence of the month photos. Which includes lingerie, dresses, shoes and makeup palette!! Hope you girls like it, as you know, I am not a rich kid, I don't have 5 figure salary to brag about (though it’s not bad at all, but who doesn’t need more money, right) and also I don’t have rich boyfriend, so all the things that I buy, you can afford too!

Man, I am craving for Crispy patta!!!! I heart KABABAYAN CAFE!

Pssssttt…new hair color.

Image7814 copyDSC09708 

Photo streams from GOGDS and Sinundu Bobohizan

Thanks for these two photographers, GOGDS and SinunduBobohizan for inviting me and my niece and sister in law to be a part of their fun weekend photoshoot. It was a nice experience, I had fun and waiting for them to send me the DVD of photos.. LOL. Click the names for direct access to their blog.

model-shoot-jesselton-point-106 copy model-shoot-jesselton-point-93 copy model-shoot-jesselton-point-130 copy

model-shoot-jesselton-point-146 copy 6780_119815908204_574188204_2274421_2176562_n 6825_1146908398956_1414927966_30518876_5016981_n

6825_1146910239002_1414927966_30518885_6890706_n6825_1146910279003_1414927966_30518886_1682142_n   6825_1146912559060_1414927966_30518887_2006818_n

6825_1146912759065_1414927966_30518891_21873_n 6825_1146913359080_1414927966_30518894_7449035_n

On different session with GOGDS:



I HAD FUN!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello September

I must admit, I am a lot more happier in my life right now than I have ever been before. People around especially those who are close notice the difference I guess. And, I think the recent changes in my life are somewhat positive, something that I should be thankful and grateful for. 

Never in my life that I imagine I will go through a heartbreaking process, but, I did and I’m glad I got over it. It’s in the pass. I am much more happier than ever before. I must say, my life have turned upside down and all to the better. So, yeah, I’m awesomely happy. It’s true when they say, when one door closes another one opens. And I don’t care if it’s not happily ever after, as long as I’m happy now.  That’s more important.

And I’m lucky to meet new people along the way. People who opens doors to thousands of  opportunities for me to reach for the star. To believe in myself, to go get what I want and do things that make me happy because I deserve it and to not care what people think because the most important thing is you know what you’re doing.

To the people who cares for me, I don’t know what to do without the love and support from all of you. I appreciate the concerns and advices given thru it all and I promise to be someone who I want to be, not someone that other people expect me to be.

I know this is a mediocre update but yeah, I’m happy , as happy as I can be.