Monday, September 7, 2009

Photo streams from GOGDS and Sinundu Bobohizan

Thanks for these two photographers, GOGDS and SinunduBobohizan for inviting me and my niece and sister in law to be a part of their fun weekend photoshoot. It was a nice experience, I had fun and waiting for them to send me the DVD of photos.. LOL. Click the names for direct access to their blog.

model-shoot-jesselton-point-106 copy model-shoot-jesselton-point-93 copy model-shoot-jesselton-point-130 copy

model-shoot-jesselton-point-146 copy 6780_119815908204_574188204_2274421_2176562_n 6825_1146908398956_1414927966_30518876_5016981_n

6825_1146910239002_1414927966_30518885_6890706_n6825_1146910279003_1414927966_30518886_1682142_n   6825_1146912559060_1414927966_30518887_2006818_n

6825_1146912759065_1414927966_30518891_21873_n 6825_1146913359080_1414927966_30518894_7449035_n

On different session with GOGDS:



I HAD FUN!!!!!!

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