Monday, September 7, 2009

What happen to all the BLOGGERS?

I noticed that of late, almost everyone on my blog roll are not updating their blogs. LOL. And, I thought the lazy bug only strike me and me alone!! Haha. Looks like everyone is on Lazy Mode. What happened to all of us? It used to be daily updates on everyone’s blog and now, it’s sooo damn quiet , like nobody exists in blog world anymore. Are we getting less interesting or we are not that bothered to say out loud what we feel or there is urgency to share with people of the world, what are you up to? Or, are you spending more time on Twitter now?? LMAO. You caught me! Guilty as charged!!!

Ok, I think I should balance it out, I should write here often , like I used to, somehow I think my writing skills went from Intermediate to total hopeless for  not updating regularly lately. So, tomorrow I shall post my bargain indulgence of the month photos. Which includes lingerie, dresses, shoes and makeup palette!! Hope you girls like it, as you know, I am not a rich kid, I don't have 5 figure salary to brag about (though it’s not bad at all, but who doesn’t need more money, right) and also I don’t have rich boyfriend, so all the things that I buy, you can afford too!

Man, I am craving for Crispy patta!!!! I heart KABABAYAN CAFE!

Pssssttt…new hair color.

Image7814 copyDSC09708 

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