Monday, October 12, 2009


Parting is such a painful sorrow.  It is more than a little sadness, just when you are getting use to something, that’s when you need to be apart. It is really painful. Not knowing when you will be together again. Time will tell I know, but isn’t it better knowing before hand? Then, life wouldn’t be so bad. You wouldn’t be flooded with questions without answers, endless thoughts, many sleepless nights thinking if things can work out for you. For whatever it’s worth, no matter what happen, I was happy, really happy and I am gonna cherish that moment for as long as I want to remember it.

model-shoot-jesselton-point-35When was the last time you called/ text/ chat with your loved one? Do it NOW! ;)


Endun said...

Choose to be agree with you..nice pic Cie..:)

Anonymous said...

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