Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Colors of the rainbow

F8ck me! Been trying to upload photos in Facebook and to my disappointment, it failed. So finally, I have Streamyx at home and I’m loving it! Tho, it was an easy ride to set it up. Thank God I’m a geel so I didn’t need any technical help whatsoever. Hurrah! But I still need to figure out how to allow people to connect to my connection without setting up IP address. Should be able to connect with dynamic IP. Huh! Pain in the @ss!

Speaking of photos, I just realized that there isn’t many to choose from to upload for Joanne’s birthday. There’s one cool video of her doing a tequila shot ala Wilhemina Slater on stage at Firefly but if the damn connection can’t even upload photos, chances are, much worse if uploading video. So, I’m gonna try later on at home. Anyways, I’ve choose some to upload before I choose a few others, so I think I’m just gonna post it here and I stumbled upon some old pictures from few months back that look so gorgeous, I can’t help but think OMG OMG this is blog worthy. Another good news my package arrived safely at Pejabat Pos Laju Kota Kinabalu yesterday evening. Yay! Which reminds me, I need to do another online shopping. Muahahahaha. Life is Good. But, my beautiful pink roses dried out, hoping something of the sort coming this way again anytime soon. Haha!

For Joanne’s birthday, I picked photos that shows our makeup of the night. It looks gorgeous but you may have different opinion:


DSC00235The Aurora Eyes, I improvised the colors because I don’t have all the exact color to create the Aurora effect.



Can’t really see from this picture, but this is a very hot makeup technique for clubbing.

The mysterious look , hot night makeup a toned down black eye shadow can be used for day out. It makes your eyes bigger and more defined.


The birthday girl looking so cute here, right?


Meanwhile, this one looks so effin cute even without makeup.


The gorgeous pictures I was talking about:







NOTE: Pictures are edited for brightness and contrast only, no liquify tools used in the process.

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Danelyn said...

i like ur blue eye shadow! heheh