Monday, November 2, 2009

Fly Me To The Moon

My quest to get a fucking wired Internet connection at my place is a major pain in the ass. I think I must’ve argued and cursed few people in the process and I still don’t have the fucking wireless modem. I know they say it’s seven working days, so, they still have two more days to deliver their service but why delay if you can actually get it done before 7 days, right? I wouldn’t need this connection if Digi or Celcom works wonder in my area. Sad truth: no 3G is good enough to serve our need in this part of the world. It’s always frustrating that we have this kind of problem, my life rely and depends on the speed of Internet connection be it at home or at work. Honestly, I am so tired to deal with Internet connection. I thought with the existence of new services, things will get better, but to my disappointment, it didn’t actually do any good, it’s just static like that. Still frustrating as ever.

And now, I am waiting for a call from the Streamyx reseller in Kompleks Karamunsing and mind you, I called the number given to me the other day and a lady answered my call and to my surprise she actually yelled at me! The customer! Poor me was just calling to get updates on my current application situation and dare she say “Saya bukan urus Streamyx lah!!", orang yang kau cari tu tiada sini!!!” . OMFG! What did I do wrong? She hung up on me, I call back and yell back at her, she did say sorry and told me that she is stressed out with work.. HOW DARE SHE!!! As if she’s the only one with a job here. Try dealing with the whole office complaining to you on various matters and you can’t do anything about it. Did I yell at them? No, I did not. But I guess, that’s the difference with people who actually went to school and those who were stuck to do shitty job manning a booth at Kompleks Karamunsing and that’s what she’s gonna do for the rest of her life, even the simplest thing makes these idiots stressed out.

I am back to my normal mode, post holiday glooms are over and now excited for my next holiday in January/February. Location unknown. And everyone in the family is getting a passport, I have a feeling that a trip to somewhere is gonna happen somewhere in December. Fingers crossed. I can't wait to spend time with my girls. Everyone is busy busy busy and I am starting to turn into a cavelady. Spending most of my times being at home rather than out, glued to my laptop and running a data centre at home. Super geeky! In addition to that, my nocturnal nature is getting worse and my body actually thinks that normal sleep time is 4.30 a.m. , this is not insomnia, why? because I can actually sleep if I want to but too distracted to sleep like normal people. The only good thing about turning into nocturnal is, in between reconnecting/UAT, I make an effort to make the home super clean and do my laundry … the house smell of Vanilla, it’s more homey and I actually don’t mind spending the rest of the day just being at home. The only lacking there is food and I am so damn lazy to cook. So, more money spent on food than anything else.

FYI, I am obsessed with Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me, WTF right??? Hahaha and from now on I am a Fulham supporter. Down at BED bar last Saturday with Wiwin, I actually watched the entire game, Fulham vs. Liverpool start to end. They won!! And according to reliable source, that rarely happen. I must be their lucky charm for the night. So good to just sit at the bar, drinking beer (another WTF?) , watch the game, see the band, Aftereve perform, to the owner of BED bar, thanks for the beer, keep em’ coming next time. Another good thing was, we actually had a chance to enjoy the night without being picked up by ugly guys. Probably because both of us seems so unapproachable with our mobile texting away. LOL. And for the fear of our seats being taken away, we didn’t dance at all. The dance floor was too crowded anyway. Take home KFC after that. Life is great.


Picture with Lina, Friday outing

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