Thursday, February 25, 2010

Teng Teng Teng

Quick entry.

I found a Bear Grylls in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.


Bear is really HOT and I think this guy is super cute!

But, unfortunately we are two totally opposite characters.


I can only dream.

Tsk tsk.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

It’s 11.24p.m. on a Saturday night. Alone at home with a super fast Internet connection although still wondering why my speed is not 4mb/s yet. Supposed to be already on that speed since yesterday. Sigh. I hate when this happen. Have to call TMNet Customer Service yet again. But, I must admit they’re doing a good job lately. Immediate responses on any problems or complaints made. TMNet should pay me good money for promoting their Internet service here.

Few nights ago while putting on Alice In Wonderland costume (believe me you don’t wanna know what was that for), I tried this Romantic Valentine Makeup by my favorite make up guru, Michelle Phan (I am her BIG fan). It looked gorgeous on me. It’s as if you’re not wearing any makeup but you actually do. Here it is:

cie1I love this makeup, doesn’t look that heavy and it really is not heavy at all even when you see it live.  


Okay, this one is not so great tho, my eye was watery cos of the ceiling fan.
(Wait the minute, I think I achieved the SULTRY look that John photographer ask me to do on my last photo shoot)

Another attempt of camwhoring..LOL…boring bah di rumah….vaining la!
Another Sultry Cheeky pose kunun, awas kau Adriana Lima, kalah sudah!


Before ending this shitty entry, my BFF found this in Facebook



Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I forgot to save my NEO Counter la! FML!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

For a short period of time…..

I am posting this picture of me taken yesterday while on a one day trip to Borneo Paradise Beach Resort with the family. Reason is, remember that I mentioned about a transformation that I wanted for myself. Off late, I am having issues with tummy fats. Lots of people compliment that I look better now because I gained weight. Thank You. Love all compliments (who doesn’t?). But underneath my clothes there’s this ugly tummy fats!! Making meself boroi and basically looks ugly when nude (in my definition). So, I was VERY determined to get this body by March:


So what I did is to keep eating as much as I want but maintain the body workouts (just need to be very disciplined on this one). So, since I have just learnt swimming (the right way), Thanks to JW. You are truly an amazing swimming instructor (btw, swimming instructor is not his job), I used swimming as my main workout routine. I still have lots of techniques to learn but at least I have the basics. FYI, my swimming lesson was less than 24 hours combined so gotta give me some credits too for being an awesome student!

So, here I am after 8 weeks of swimming and occasional other work out routines:

Yes, getting THIS close to that Scherzinger body that I want!!


Because I think, it will create some big issues among some people (because of swimsuit pics). But,for friends who’s on my side who knows about this transformation goal, this is just an update. I AM GETTING THERE!

Publishing this and gonna go to bed. Work in the a.m.

Nitey nite people. Pleasant dreams. I have a thing on men in US Army uniform lately (The Hurt Locker influence)

Mwah x

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Its so nice to have a long weekend due to CNY happens to be on the weekend so, we have two days public holiday, Monday and Tuesday. Happy CNY and Happy Valentine’s Day people. I am not one who celebrate the second holiday mentioned.

I have Staff Performance Evaluation/ Review to do when I get back to work on Wednesday. One of the IT technician are gonna get reviewed and salary increment will be order so YAY for him!!!

Oh, I am also determined to get the MCSE by this year. Been wanting to do that for ages, now the opportunity arises  so it’s about time I get right to it. After that, CCNA I’m on my way!!!  I know it’s going to be tough, 3 classes per week, 3 hours per session but I AM READY!

Also hoping that all my IT training proposals will be approved by the good people of Land and Survey Department. And…mostly I can’t wait for my holiday trip to Thailand (probably end of March – early April) with JW. 

Birthday is coming tho…hmmm…wonder what the theme will be?? I’ll have to think about that!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crappy Photoshop Work

I didn’t have much to work on yesterday so I decided to ‘play’ with my Adobe Photoshop. To my disappointment,  it keep crashing so I was unable to save my work and have to redo the thing over and over and at last I gave up, so I snapped a photo of the incomplete work. Still looking like a weirdo (like I say, its a halfway work). Trying to fix the laptop problem now. Sigh. I loathe this computer fixing stuff.

Photoshop can be fun and a good way to ‘waste’ your time, but it’s not a waste of time me thinks (^_^) , you actually learn something. This is my Photoshop bible: Tutorial Outpost 

Here’s the photos:

Image8591 Image8592

My original pic:


The celebrity pic:

1 jess normal_arenashoot7

The crappy unfinished weirdo Photoshop work:



The Xmas Gift


This is a super belated post and also Happy New Year people!! OR should I say Happy Chinese New Year. Gosh. It’s February already!!! Time flies so fast you can’t catch up with it!!

Anyways, I was uber excited to receive these gifts for Christmas. Thanks Honey!! Even though, it did not arrive on time (plus I was in the Phillipines for Christmas!!)  it didn’t make it less exciting to go to the post office and get it!!!

I’d post my pics with the gifts that I LOVE LOVE LOVE so much but I’m too lazy to take pics. I know right, that sounds so strange coming from a pro cam whore. LOL. But, I promised myself that I won’t take any pics before my complete transformation. I have a goal to have a Nicole Scherzinger body by March so we’ll see if I can accomplish that. Woo hoo! Fingers crossed.

So, here they are!!!!


Lovely, right? That Stella perfume smells so damn good.  Again, thanks honey!    Mwah x.

And….I’ve heard that the you know who person has been telling people our ‘dirty laundry’, behind closed door stuff which is mainly bad things about me according to him. Well, you are no angel yourself.  All I can say is FUCK YOU! but still no matter how bad you make me look in front of your so called friends I am not one who kiss and tell , so those who thinks that he’s freaking innocent and need sympathy,  go marry him la and live happily ever after.

I only have this to say:

Its MY MONEY that I spent on shoes, clothes and make up. And also, I personally  think it’s the man of the house’s responsibilities to pay the bills. Jeez.. what’s wrong with you that you need to tell people that? But, it’s okay, if that’s how you play the game, I guess that your true color shows now after so many years.  

Here's a song for you Mr.