Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

It’s 11.24p.m. on a Saturday night. Alone at home with a super fast Internet connection although still wondering why my speed is not 4mb/s yet. Supposed to be already on that speed since yesterday. Sigh. I hate when this happen. Have to call TMNet Customer Service yet again. But, I must admit they’re doing a good job lately. Immediate responses on any problems or complaints made. TMNet should pay me good money for promoting their Internet service here.

Few nights ago while putting on Alice In Wonderland costume (believe me you don’t wanna know what was that for), I tried this Romantic Valentine Makeup by my favorite make up guru, Michelle Phan (I am her BIG fan). It looked gorgeous on me. It’s as if you’re not wearing any makeup but you actually do. Here it is:

cie1I love this makeup, doesn’t look that heavy and it really is not heavy at all even when you see it live.  


Okay, this one is not so great tho, my eye was watery cos of the ceiling fan.
(Wait the minute, I think I achieved the SULTRY look that John photographer ask me to do on my last photo shoot)

Another attempt of camwhoring..LOL…boring bah di rumah….vaining la!
Another Sultry Cheeky pose kunun, awas kau Adriana Lima, kalah sudah!


Before ending this shitty entry, my BFF found this in Facebook




Endun said...

ha haha..gatar gatar!lol

Rungitom said...

That last pic, it really gets to me LOL

Nancy said...

I know!! Especially that GIGITAN HANJING. Sangat funny. HANJING KAMU SEMUA. LOL!

Jingkung said...

Kaciwa oo hahaha