Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crappy Photoshop Work

I didn’t have much to work on yesterday so I decided to ‘play’ with my Adobe Photoshop. To my disappointment,  it keep crashing so I was unable to save my work and have to redo the thing over and over and at last I gave up, so I snapped a photo of the incomplete work. Still looking like a weirdo (like I say, its a halfway work). Trying to fix the laptop problem now. Sigh. I loathe this computer fixing stuff.

Photoshop can be fun and a good way to ‘waste’ your time, but it’s not a waste of time me thinks (^_^) , you actually learn something. This is my Photoshop bible: Tutorial Outpost 

Here’s the photos:

Image8591 Image8592

My original pic:


The celebrity pic:

1 jess normal_arenashoot7

The crappy unfinished weirdo Photoshop work:




Rungitom said...

Well, you can fix the head alignment to the pic which you used to shoop, nudge here and nudge there. Or get another suitable picture. :)

Nancy said...

i know...problem is with my photoshop/laptop..takes a while to move here and there and make any changes. dont worry, my PS skill is awesome.

Rungitom said...

I see, shoop program takes a huge load of memory to run smoothly.

Endun said...

ok bah itu..tak lawak pun!:)

Nancy said...

its not hardware related. PS corrupted,need reinstallation. Anyways ok now.

Rungitom said... bad for talking too much crap

Jingkung said...

woo ko mo jadi witch kaini .. hehe