Tuesday, February 16, 2010

For a short period of time…..

I am posting this picture of me taken yesterday while on a one day trip to Borneo Paradise Beach Resort with the family. Reason is, remember that I mentioned about a transformation that I wanted for myself. Off late, I am having issues with tummy fats. Lots of people compliment that I look better now because I gained weight. Thank You. Love all compliments (who doesn’t?). But underneath my clothes there’s this ugly tummy fats!! Making meself boroi and basically looks ugly when nude (in my definition). So, I was VERY determined to get this body by March:


So what I did is to keep eating as much as I want but maintain the body workouts (just need to be very disciplined on this one). So, since I have just learnt swimming (the right way), Thanks to JW. You are truly an amazing swimming instructor (btw, swimming instructor is not his job), I used swimming as my main workout routine. I still have lots of techniques to learn but at least I have the basics. FYI, my swimming lesson was less than 24 hours combined so gotta give me some credits too for being an awesome student!

So, here I am after 8 weeks of swimming and occasional other work out routines:

Yes, getting THIS close to that Scherzinger body that I want!!


Because I think, it will create some big issues among some people (because of swimsuit pics). But,for friends who’s on my side who knows about this transformation goal, this is just an update. I AM GETTING THERE!

Publishing this and gonna go to bed. Work in the a.m.

Nitey nite people. Pleasant dreams. I have a thing on men in US Army uniform lately (The Hurt Locker influence)

Mwah x


Rungitom said...

Hard work will pay off, keep on working out lady

Endun said...

Don't delete!Nice pic!

Nancy said...

saya takut jadi isu di kalangan org yang membenci bah yett.

hikayatmoden said...

la..igtkan gmbr pussycat dolls
rupenye pics tuan tanah
bravoo...2ibujari angkat!

Nancy said...

Terima Kaseh!!!!

Jingkung said...

wow.. my sexy badeyh.. :p

Nancy said...

Hi Hikayat Moden...thanks.....hihihi