Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Xmas Gift


This is a super belated post and also Happy New Year people!! OR should I say Happy Chinese New Year. Gosh. It’s February already!!! Time flies so fast you can’t catch up with it!!

Anyways, I was uber excited to receive these gifts for Christmas. Thanks Honey!! Even though, it did not arrive on time (plus I was in the Phillipines for Christmas!!)  it didn’t make it less exciting to go to the post office and get it!!!

I’d post my pics with the gifts that I LOVE LOVE LOVE so much but I’m too lazy to take pics. I know right, that sounds so strange coming from a pro cam whore. LOL. But, I promised myself that I won’t take any pics before my complete transformation. I have a goal to have a Nicole Scherzinger body by March so we’ll see if I can accomplish that. Woo hoo! Fingers crossed.

So, here they are!!!!


Lovely, right? That Stella perfume smells so damn good.  Again, thanks honey!    Mwah x.

And….I’ve heard that the you know who person has been telling people our ‘dirty laundry’, behind closed door stuff which is mainly bad things about me according to him. Well, you are no angel yourself.  All I can say is FUCK YOU! but still no matter how bad you make me look in front of your so called friends I am not one who kiss and tell , so those who thinks that he’s freaking innocent and need sympathy,  go marry him la and live happily ever after.

I only have this to say:

Its MY MONEY that I spent on shoes, clothes and make up. And also, I personally  think it’s the man of the house’s responsibilities to pay the bills. Jeez.. what’s wrong with you that you need to tell people that? But, it’s okay, if that’s how you play the game, I guess that your true color shows now after so many years.  

Here's a song for you Mr.

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