Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Birthday Video

I am in the mood to humiliate myself this fine morning. I finally decided to post up this birthday festivity video on this BLOG only (although have to be uploaded to YouTube la). This video will not be seen in Facebook. Malu lah I kalau JW nampak. LOL.


But, speaking of humiliating myself in front of someone I’m trying hard to impress not do anything embarassing, the more I tend to humiliate myself! LOL. Seriously. (biasa lah bah if on the first date or you’re on the stage where you are not comfortable to fart, burp or do anything humiliating yet in front of that hottie yet, I’m sure you’ve been in that situation before. Here I am starting all over again on this.) Some of the things that had happened to me were:


1. Di ruang pejalan kaki di tengah-tengah Metro Bangkok, one of my false eyelash floated and he noticed and told me about it! (Insert red-faced emoticon here, I tried to install that plug-in to WLW but it’s not working…boooo!). It’s nice that he told me about it, save me from future embarrassment from passer bys but can you imagine how MEMALUKAN that is for moi? Tapi, nasib baik la dia tergelincir tidak jatuh few hours after that, hehehehe, at least bukan saya jak la yang ada malu moment hari tu.


2. Crossing the road from Warisan Plaza to Le Meridien, I was wearing heels, lucky it’s only a 3” heels so it wasn't that bad. I tak perasan pule ade lubeng lubang kat tengah jalan raya tu (excuse the semenanjung slang), tak lah besar tapi cukup untuk membuat I termenari kat sana! Oh tidak. Mengapa itu harus berlaku? Walaupun mode muka dia concern tapi I tau… it was DAMN funny and worthy of a ROFL.


That’s all for now, will share MORE embarrassing stories on next posts.





Nampaknya holiday trip I terpaksa di postpone to a later date. Which is good also la, maybe tunggu kekayaan on this side berlaku. Haha!


Help! I think an insect wants to attack me!!!!! It’s on its ready to strike mode!


P/S: Suara yang menghasut itu ialah Jacynta R.Lidi


SuicideCandy said...

what to a later date?
LOL... me wuz drunk...

Nancy said...

Ya....passport belum siap processing la.