Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Orang-orang mintapuji di Facebook

You know when you log in to Facebook and leave the chat application online (because sometimes friends that you haven’t heard from in 10 years are online so it gives you the chance to update each other on going ons in your life. I normally just leave my chat application open for that purpose.

In the spirit of social networking, sometimes you just add people that you have never met in person because that is what the purpose of this social networking sites, to get to know more people and make more friends. Plus, I normally add if that person requesting for an add have a lot of mutual friends with me.

And, most of the time, even when you are online on FaceBook it doesn’t mean that you are exploring it or looking, it’s simply just opened for easy access to your FB game application such as FarmVille or Barn Buddy. Saves you the trouble to re-login every time your want to visit your ‘farm’. Am I right?

What I hate about people in Facebook is:

1. Some stupid people that adds you on Facebook randomly because they saw you in “People You May Know Tool” expecting you to ‘layan’ them whenever they say hi to you and gets upset if you don’t reply. I’ve got a news flash for you, CHATTING IS NOT THE ONLY THING I DO and you are not even someone that I know personally to expect super special treatment from me! Having said that, this is one good example:


2. Almost all the so-called photographer who approaches you and say you are photogenic, yada yada yada and expects that you are SO FLATTERED with that compliment and decides to agree on being their model for photo shoot. Don’t get me wrong here, I LIKE some of the photographers that approached me and my nieces for photography session, for example, Gogds and Sinundu Bobohizan, really professional, no bullshit and no hidden agenda. And, just because you have a DSLR doesn’t mean you are a photographer, its just your excuse to get around girls because you can’t get near them without it. Boohoohoo. And, if you are SO PASSIONATE about photography, I’ve got a suggestion for you! Why don’t you shoot these kind of pictures:

1. Animals – you don’t have to do anything to shoot a photo of this cat or bird, but probably you don’t like it cos you can’t jerk off to this photo!



2. Random stuff you see when you travel, such as barbwire
3. Bugs


4. Plants


Or, if not all those maybe photos of people like this:



Instead, its ALWAYS or ALL THE TIME, pictures like this:

25820_345543431934_693516934_3789750_1358806_n 19677_313671836934_693516934_3693732_8331893_n

Hello….I don’t see anything GREAT in this photo. Sorry, don’t misunderstood me, I am not talking about the girl in this photo, I am talking about the photo generally. So girl, if you stumble upon this, it’s not about you. Okay? There’s really nothing special to it compared to those pictures above. Even the location is like shit. And this is what you call PHOTOGRAPHY?

So, my point is, those photo doesn’t really show photography skill at all. It only show how much of a pervert you are. And browsing thru this so called photographer’s photo albums in FB, not one single album did he upload pictures of other things like buildings, animals or plants. It’s always GIRLS!

P/S: I have nothing against girls taking such photos. My disdain is on these photographers, not the models.

Heck! Even my niece, Jacynta R.Lidi can take better pictures than that two!

See example:

6049_98008373350_529273350_1878913_545969_nP2150395 P2150396

So, of course, the natural defense of these photographers when or if they see this post is I am jealous because nobody wants to shoot me. Bla bla bla. You can say all you want, but I still stink most of you have stinky/horrible photography skill or no skill at all.

* The gorgeous suggestion for photo shoot samples are courtesy of Firefixx Photography, he’s my friend Filex, awesome photography skill, really artsy*

* Last three pictures are courtesy of Jacynta R. Lidi, pictures are NOT taken with DSLR camera yet still awesome compared to the photoset in the middle*

*I don’t even want to credit the two pictures in the middle*


p/p/s: Siapa juga bah yang balik-balik mau search NANCY LIDI OKALA di Google ni, sudah-sudah lah bah, ko bookmark saja saya punya blog, lagi senang. Sia boleh nampak bah tu di Nuffnang Analytics perbuatan ko. Akhir sekali, bagus kau klik sya punya Nuffnang Ads.


Rungitom said...

"just because you have a DSLR doesn’t mean you are a photographer, its just your excuse to get around girls because you can’t get near them without it. "

Quote of the day, bohoho~ cian tu urang tidak kena layan. XD

I like the rusty-moldy barb wire picture, awesome!

Nancy said...

Hahaha,...you're always the first one to comment. Thank you! Ya...I love Firefixx's photos too...its awesome.

Rungitom said...

You're welcome, keep on posting some more funny Facebook Fails. :D

Endun said...

minta puji?yes!itu pasal aku tak muncul dlm fb!!uhuuu

Nancy said...

tu lah..kin panas!

SuicideCandy said...

miahahaha... SAYA STUJU!