Monday, March 29, 2010

Part 2 : Transformation

Okay…so yesterday I decided its time to commence part 2 of transformation. To those of you who reads this blog, part 1 was work out/ swim to lose tummy fat. I think I sort of accomplish that. Not that Nicole body yet but the main thing is TUMMY FAT gone! (most of it) – by that I mean, I don’t have to hold my breathe and ‘suck in’ my tummy when fitting into a S size pants/ shorts/ skirt.

The Part 2 is, GOING BLACK!! – yes, on my hair. I’ve been trying every other colors for the past 3 years and I think it’s time to go BLACK!! Here’s the before and after picture. Sorry, my before picture is not quite before I colored my hair black, no digicam that time. So, let me dig out something from the past, okay?








24215_379473443350_529273350_3510149_3357070_n 15725_113218902026125_100000140486905_287725_2491357_n


I personally think it look GORGEOUS.
(Sorry, photo is not the best cos used webcam – due to so lazy to even charge my digicam. Lalala)

Thank you Joanne and Amy for helping me.

P/S: No hair dresser would want to help you color your hair black. Trust me. They’ll try their best to talk you out of it!

P/P/S: Finding a Natural Black hair color is as difficult as looking for Non-Whitening Skin Products. FML. Thank God Shurah have it and cheap too! Yay!



*In real life, hair looks like those Asian shampoo ads*