Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am a SHOES addict. That is however incorrect. The correct term would be a FOOT WEAR addict! I can smell gorgeous foot wears from miles away! I do not have the ability to resist the urge to buy foot wear EVERY month. Doesn’t matter if it’s slippers. sandals, flats, wedges, killer stilettos, boots, you name it. I am always gonna buy something for my feet.


As of now, I think I have over 100 pairs of shoes, and you might think that I have forgotten some of them. You are wrong! I never forget a foot wear that I bought. EVER. So, better think twice before stealing them. LOL.


I’d like to post up a photo of my shoes but sadly, 60% of my foot wear collection is still at C’s place and I am gonna arranged a pick up of those babies very soon. Since I’ve moved to a bigger bedroom, I have enough space for all of them! Yay! Welcome home darlings….


And, I am still waiting for a Prince Charming to buy me these for whatever occasions. Or maybe soon, I will be able to afford it myself!



kasut2Anyways, nothing interesting about this entry. I’m just talking cock. I only posted this because I want to share these two photos of very gorgeous stilettos. Ahem, it’s Jimmy Choo so , chances are, I can’t afford it. Yet. 


Jessica Lyne Andrew said...

I saw the shoes in the first picture selling at a blogshop but I forgot the name (it's either yunique paradise or The shoes closet) but i doubt it's jimmy choo coz the price is around 180-200, yg inspired version la tu ;)

Nancy said...

Inspired version pun jadi lah! hahaha..thanks Jess...nanti sya google tu blogshops. Hugs.

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