Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Beauty and Curse of Makeup



First of all, I don’t mean to offend anyone or degrade anyone by this entry. And I really really apologize to this girl if this entry insults her but I think whoever did the makeup deserve MAJOR PUNISHMENT! Its totally makeup gone wrong! 


Makeup is a blessing bestowed upon females all over the world and *some* males but at the same time, when done wrong it could be your worst nightmare! And, its definitely more heartbreaking when you trusted someone to do your make-up for you and that person did it all wrong.


Story is…I was browsing through some Unduk Ngadau (Traditional Beauty Pageant) pictures uploaded in Facebook and stumbled upon something rather ‘disturbing’. Apparently 70+ comments on that picture and I can’t help myself but write a comment myself. When I saw that picture I automatically knew that its a makeup sin! And her ‘BEFORE’ picture was also uploaded and believe it or not, her BEFORE picture was WAAAAAAAY better than the AFTER picture. I really really pity this girl, I bet a lot of people were paying attention on her during the pageant but for all the wrong reasons. *Sigh* But I say, YOU GO GIRL!! It’s clearly not your fault and I think your makeup artist should be sued for that horrible makeup art and that hair do! I may not be a makeup guru but at least I know 100% that I can do a better job on you than that person!


So, here’s the picture I’m talking about,


What’s wrong with the makeup:


1. Eyebrow too thin, too black

2. Eyeshadow – wrong choice of colors, it should be earth colors and its not properly blended

3. Where the eye-liner man???

4. Come one, fake eyelashes only cost about less than RM10 these days…if the makeup artist (shouldn’e be called one now!) is against fake eyelashes then what happen to MASCARA??!

5. Lip color – I don’t think lip liner is necessary, and should’ve gone for lip gloss or at least shiny lipstick with softer color, too red making the teeth look yellow.


So, what I did for about 30 minutes was to reconstruct a better look for this contestant using Photoshop, I know its NOT perfect but what can I do if the picture size is SO small, I can barely do anything on it? Plus, the fail makeup artist did a lot of damage already, its quite hard to fix it with Photoshop.


So, this is my correction on the MAKEUP & HAIR




25156_1111255317984_1724913461_209993_5390024_n edited

Not much can be done on eye shadow tho, pic resolution is so low, its quite hard to do any tweaking on it.





But I learn from mistake and now it look better:



Just got home from dinner with my two elder brothers, it’s my bro Leo’s 40th birthday!!!! Oh My….time flies……gonna go shower and lay in bed now. Quite sleepy.


P/S: If you think you can tweak that makeup and make it better than original please do so, I’d like to see results, this girl is gorgeous, she’s just a victim. Poor her. And I am so sorry I can’t pixelate her eyes to hide the identity because I’m talking about makeup and I can’t do that and still make my point and I’m not bad mouthing her.


Whoever did that makeup, obviously makeup class didn’t work for you, try watching tutorials on YouTube. If you still can’t get it right, I suggest you to stop doing makeup for people and start painting on canvas instead. 


Much Love, x


Rungitom said...

'Arrghh! my eyes!"

Well, at least the edited pic was no so "pecah cermin" like the original one. Looking at the original picture reminds me of the makeups done in the 80's and 90's... something like that.

Nancy said...

Tu la...if you have time, why don't u tweak..wanna see other results...thats the best I can do on a very low res pic and horrible makeup.

Anonymous said...

aduuuiii. pity dat girl la.. her 'make up artist' did it WORST.
love your edited 1, and hair too =)

mcm best plak kan edit pic cam tu.. but tulah d pic's res so low ba..
hard to edit

Nancy said...

Hi Tantinny, ya bah. sayang the FB images kena compress gila2 kalu nda, ble buat detail lagi...

Anonymous said...

yabah.. picah trus suma gmbr klu kena zoom 0.0 ... hehe

SuicideCandy said...

tat makeup artist deserve to be TAMPAR for tat ugly makeup. poor girl.

Anonymous said...