Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dear John




Yes, yes, I wished I was the one who wrote this letter to John. But, sadly no. It made me so grateful that my John is not a soldier.. I want to write about this movie but honestly there’s nothing really special to it, if you’ve seen The Notebook and A Walk To Remember, you pretty much can guess how this movie ends. But, one thing for sure, John Tyree is so so so hot and I don’t even know if a soldier as hot as that exist in real life, I’ve never seen one before.

If you’ve seen one, let me know. I would like to think that it doesn’t just happen in movies but in real life too! If you’re into romantic film, I think it wouldn’t hurt to watch Dear John, if you liked The Notebook, I’m sure you will love it too, it’s from the same writer Nicholas Sparks. But too often, the book is better than the film so I better check out the book too. And, I must admit, nothing beats P.S. I Love You so far although I’m beginning to lose my obsession on Gerard Butler.


Dear John, is a movie good for crying. I did cry

watching it, who wouldn’t? Imagine you not knowing what’s gonna happen next, wondering if the love of your life is still alive or the other way round. It’s heartbreaking to see two people in love suffer like that. I imagine myself without Internet, Msn or Skype, made me sad just thinking about it. Even though it’s not the same being together in person and just talking to each other everyday, miles apart, but at least you know what the other one is doing and you know he’s doing fine. Nothing more you can ask for.

And, last but not least, how can you not watch the movie to the end if the John look like this?


And, look like this shirtless??!


dear-john-2 dear-john-5

I’m peeing in my pants just looking at this. hah. So, yeah, girls, I’m suggesting you to watch this movie…


Here’s the trailer….


Much Love, x

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