Sunday, April 4, 2010


I is at mi casa in Beverly Hills (LA, California)!! – I wish! But really, I’m at BH in Jalan Bundusan la..sian…


Yes, people. I am back to where my Internet is super duper amazingly FAST!!


Was checking Facebook (Ahem! Harvesting my crop in Barn Buddy, I blame my friend Florida for making me start giving attention to this application!!!) – am so pissed that 12 of my mangoes are stolen! But it felt good stealing from other farms for payback time. *INSERT EVIL GRIN* – I tried installing the Smiley Plug-in, it’s not working. Damn! Maybe need to do the classic install/uninstall application. Gah! What a waste of time.


Anyways, Happy belated Easter!! Did you guys get some good eggs??


So, while checking me Facebook, came across this photo on my newly added friend’s profile.




That’s a photo from my last hump night outing with my friend, Mel. We were at this place called The Office, place is quite small, pretty quiet but it’s nice and friendly people around. Apparently, we went there went they held this monthly Quiz Nite and this nice gentleman joined our table for that. How nice. Although we only got 3 correct answers out of 10 questions, who cares, what's important is good company, meeting new friend and good conversation, right? 


Check out his website ~good articles there, trust me.


Don’t you think that I am quite tanned in that picture? Hmmm…makes me think..should I go tanning again before I go to my postponed holiday? Maybe more swimming but it’s rainy season now. will I ever get kurus like this?!


I hate Australian Immigration by the way! And in the mean time can I also hate Malaysian Immigration as well?! Hate is a strong word and I don’t wanna be misunderstood so I DESPISE/DISLIKE!!


Gotta go shower and watch The Godfather Trilogy recommended by JW, plus I’ve been wanting to watch that since forever!! (Downloaded it with a 330++ kb/s – AWESOME!!) – Therefore, I recommend Streamyx @ Home 4mbps ;)


P/S: Watching Daybreakers at mom’s few days ago gave me bad dreams. No good!



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