Thursday, April 1, 2010



Time flies. Super fast. It’s APRIL! Happy Birthday Ivan Daniel Jeffrey, my youngest nephew.


Ivan turn 3 this year. Again. Time flies!


I was looking for Katy Perry’s album in .torrent when I saw this song listed on the Search Result. I’m not sure whether this is an old song/ song from last year or a new one but I’ve just heard this song yesterday. It’s probably aired daily on Hitz.FM but excuse me, I don’t listen to Hitz.FM, not because I don’t like that radio station, it’s because my player in my car need to be replaced in other word ROSAK. So, I am in this SILENT mode, every time I’m in my car. Good thing that came from it, I pray on the way to work. Hehehe. Yes, yes I do pray. I believe in prayers, it’s a powerful thing.





I love this song and although the video is simple and I kinda don’t understand what’s the point of it, it’s a fun song nevertheless. So, download it!!! Or if you are against piracy, buy it on iTunes la. Hahaha.


Rungitom said...

you search songs in .torrent files?

Nancy said...

No, I was looking for Katy Perry's album and stumbled upon this mp3 there.

Rungitom said...

ah I see, I think I've downloaded this before. Going to check back my mp3 store.