Thursday, April 1, 2010

True Definition of GETE with an H


I found this on YouTube by accident and I personally thinks that this is the true definition of GETE with an H, in every sense of it. Why on earth would you agree to doing this and post it to YouTube? It’s not even cute, it’s disgusting. Yikes! But, checkout the parody tho, it’s damn funny and that girl, Natalie Tran’s YouTube channel named CommunityChannel is really interesting and funny. Check it out!


The geteH (must stress the H when reading this) video I’m talking about:



(WTF!! 308,173 views!!!!)


The Parody:



P/S: Please don't be disgusted, I’d prefer threesome with two guys, normally shortened as MFM than doing it FFM. This doesn’t mean anything. Just a thought. Stop judging and take away that disgust look off your face please! LMAO.


*Imagine Leonardo DiCaprio, Eric Northman and me – together in big harmony, isn’t that a beautiful sight* – one happy girl coming right up!


*Imagine Nicole Scherzinger, Leonardo Dicaprio and me* – what would I do with another pussy??!!*


Finally, I think FFM and MFM is NOT disgusting, Google (I even color the letters because I have all the time in the world)  Dirty Sanchez, THAT is disgusting.

This one is FUNNY and so TRUE!!!


Much Love, x


Rungitom said...

Gaah! please not Dirty Sachez! XP

Anyway I don't really get what both of them are talking about, guess I'm too nerdy to understand.

Nancy said...

Its a girl thing to understand I guess