Wednesday, May 26, 2010

10 Things I Hate About You

I hate the way you read my mind

I hate the way you’re always right

I hate it when you lie

I hate it when you make me laugh

even worse when you make me cry

I hate it when you’re not around

and the fact that you didn’t call


But mostly, I hate that I don’t hate you

Not even close, not even a little bit, not even once.


Okay, girls I know you have seen this movie. My favorite when I was in college and I definitely love this scene so much!



How ROMANTIC is that??!! If only someone did that for me back in college! (Yang hensem dan memikat hati ku ya!)


Okay, my point is, yesterday I was WORRIED SICK THE WHOLE DAY and was not having a good sleep, keep checking my phone for text reply or delivery report because I didn’t hear anything from JW at all! I’m so not used to that situation where I don’t get to talk to him be it Skype, MSN or text messages. When you care for someone, such feelings are bound to happen I guess. Honestly, I even skipped lunch and dinner, tried to keep myself busy because a lot of imagination came to mind and mostly worst imagination ever. Gosh! I should stop being paranoid but Piscean are like that. It’s written in the stars. Have you ever felt that way when you really care about someone? And for the first time after so many weeks that NONE of my neighbors in Barn Buddy were able to steal anything from me. HAHAH for that! So, to cut a long story short, I was in a very unstable mood and I don’t like it. Don’t you hate it when someone have such an effect on you? That he’s in control of your emotion, no matter how strong you think you are, how matter how good you are in trying to make yourself feel better? I definitely think that:


1. I am in control of my emotion

2. I am stronger (dealing with feelings not pushing a 40 passengers bus with my middle finger strong)

3. I know better


But, guess what? When feelings and love take over your emotion, everything else pretty much goes down the drain, so I guess all that I AM CONTROL OF MY EMOTION, I AM STRONGER AND I KNOW BETTER speech are pretty much BULLSHIT.


Anyways …. it’s okay now. He’s safe and sound in Bali and that crappy hotel do not have Internet (WTF?), so guess what? I’m going to Bali this Saturday!!! Well, at least plan to, we see how it goes! *flights quite expensive and lots of stop over* Airasia, it’s time to make a KK-Bali direct flight!




And hopefully JW will teach me this :


Hoping good news coming this way!



Happy Holidays People! It’s a long weekend.


Much Love, x


Jessica Lyne said...

10 Things I Hate About You is one of my all-time favorite movie. I've watched it like 10 times already ni:)
Have a safe flight to Bali! ^^

Nancy said...

Me all-time favourite movie juga tu. and yes, I think I am also guilty of watching it 10 times or more!

佳順 said...

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Gallivanter said...

I think a KK - Bali flight is inevitable...Bali is definitely a place to be! :-)

桂竹 said...

A friend to everybody is a friend to nobody...................................................

Nancy said...

Hey Gallivanter, oh yes! Definitely a place to be.