Monday, May 17, 2010

Dealing with middle aged Lao Tiko men

Lao Tiko: lecherous pervert (said Xiaxue)


I’m sure many of us girls have at least encountered this type of men ONCE in her life. Best thing is to ignore this kind of orang tua and move on but what if you’re truly honestly GELI with that guy that ignoring simply won’t do it?


I faced this problem recently but thank God it’s over. My interest to get acquainted with this man was purely professional and was hoping that it will be a stepping stone to me in my career, my plan is to work with international company, start small and slowly make it big. Plus, I think it will be a good experience even if that don’t happen. At least, you tried and you worked with some foreign companies and learn their work culture. Good knowledge and can help you get ready for the next opportunity.


But, to my disappointment that was not the case. Apparently this lao tiko likes me beyond professional and he told me that. Appreciate the honesty Mr, but I’d prefer you to keep it to yourself. I can already sense it since the beginning but I tried to ignore it thinking that I was thinking too much and tell myself “Nancy, not everyone likes you bah”. So, I tried my BEST to ignore semua kata-kata yang menggelikan itu dan psych myself into thinking “This is a good learning experience, you will learn a lot from this guy”. Which is actually TRUE kalu dia tidak gatal-gatal. Quite a nice portfolio he have and to be able to have a chance to learn from such a successful man is like the biggest opportunity that you can ever get in your life.So, why would want to miss that chance when it’s already in front of your eyes. Right? That’s why I tried my best to stick to my decision to work with this lao tiko and ignore the minor flirtation.


After a few weeks, I thought enough is enough! I can’t take it anymore. I quit! It’s NOT worth it. I quit for some many reasons:


1. I keep thinking of escape routes whenever I’m at the office, hard to focus, I’m preparing myself for what if I’m being held hostage? What should I do?


2. I texts up to three people of my whereabouts and the address of where I’m going, which I don’t do when I go and see other people. “If you don’t hear from me 3 hours from now, I’m in trouble.” I became such a paranoia bitch. P/S: I completely MIA when I went to see JW months ago. Which means, I feel safe with him. So, I didn’t text my little bro and close friends of where I’m going cos I didn’t want to be found. Haha!


3. It’s one thing to deal with a middle aged lao tiko man, it’s another thing to deal with a middle aged lao tiko man who thinks he’s GOOD LOOKING and ATTRACTIVE when all you can see is a T-REX in front of you. Oh Mr, you are so NOT George Clooney, I can assure you of that. Even if you think you are him, you’re NOT. Please, get a mirror and see for yourself. What makes you think I’d be writing this hate entry about you if you REALLY do look like him. I’d probably quit my job and move in with you and follow you wherever you go. Get it?


4. I became this girl who talks about her boyfriend EVERYTIME she get a chance. It was my subtle way of saying “Look, I’m with someone so I am not interested”. Well, even if I’m single, I still won’t be interested anyway! But yeah, I became the “my BF this, my BF that”, “oh, my BF did that too”, “you know my BF bought me bla bla bla”. It’s Spongebob Squarepants level of annoyance. And, that was my goal. So that, he will stop complimenting me about everything. But, guess what? NOT working! Like shit….


So, after careful consideration and confirmation that I am not being perasan that he’s all over me, I decided to quit and stop answering calls and messages after I did one job for this lao tiko man. I know that pretty rude but I can’t stand it!


Oh yeah, and I took Emergency Leave today because of some silly reason. I can’t find my car keys. Idiot!


Much Love, x