Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hari Yang Tidak Produktif – UPDATED*

Hi people. I am sick but didn’t get MC from clinic. Boo Hoo…..


So, I’m quite unproductive at work today. So, I played with Photoshop for a bit.


25743_1433576167224_1467517908_31140083_4406651_n (1) lisa



Hahahaha. Sya akun kalah la.


Jam: 8.13 malam. Ketidakproduktifan bersambung sehingga lah saya sampai di rumah. Then, I decided to do MORE Photoshop-ing. In case you’re wondering who’s that girl I PSed when I was at work earlier, she’s my college friend, Lisa. It’s not some random people I saw on the Internet. *SHE LOVED IT*


Xiaxue’s two recent blog posts had something to do with Photoshop. She edited Maggie Gyllenhaal’s UGLY (according to her) picture and it turned out like this:


safe_image.php (1)


So, I did my version of editing to that photo. Here it is:



And, I did this too, to my own picture.





Although it’s fun to edit photos before uploading it to Facebook or blog, thing is it’s time consuming and boring at some point, especially when you are on your 3rd of 4th photo, you lose focus. LOL. Maybe just me. So, normally I decide to just do some adjustment to the brightness/contrast of photos so it look nicer. Like this one:





Or this one:






Time to shower and watch an episode of Rome! I’m addicted to that HBO series.


From now on I will blog every three days and I have a sick idea of doing a video blog. HAHAH!


Much Love, x


Endun said...

Wow model pertama tu heheh

Nancy said...

Mahal kan...hahaha

IdaFlorida said...

terus jadi profile pic d fb u yet.. hehe

Nancy said...

Tu la, lepas tu banyak lagi soalan-soalan yang susah untuk dijawab...ahahaha

Anonymous said...

Awesome posting. Benar-benar menikmati membaca posting blog Anda.

Nancy said...

Hai...terima kasih....please come to read more! hehe