Thursday, June 24, 2010

I say Yes to World Peace

In 2008, my friend Jonay awarded me with a UBER AMAZING BLOG Award.




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Two year has passed and now two hotties above awarded me with another blog award. Not 1 but 3 Awards!! Imagine my surprise when I found out about it. I feel like crying like a Miss Universe. Smug


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They awarded me with these awards:


4586574753_80b9b6c545_o beatifulbl 4587199520_6cc6cf8816_o


So, here’s my award accepting speech: (Hahahaha)


“Oh My Goodness!! I thank you all for reading my blog, especially the two beautiful ladies who awarded me these awards for believing that my blog is interesting, and that I am beautiful and gorgeous and is worthy of an award! From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!! And keep reading please, I promise to post more interesting entries in the future”

Speaking of entries, like I said before, I have more than 5 interesting ideas to post as my blog entries but due to constant laziness of yours truly and the time consumed to edit pictures to convey the message and add busyness at work to that, I always end up posting crappy entries that I am NOT proud of.


So, the rules of the Blog Awards are:


Say ‘Thank You” to the person who gave this award


Pass on to 15 other blogger friends who deserve this award


Share 7 things that people don’t know about you


I’m passing this award to these 15 awesome bloggers! I exclude the ever gorgeous Tantinny and Cynta who awarded me these awards.  Hot (Just cos you already have it) Hehe.


P/S: To these awesome bloggers, I hope you don’t mind I took photos from your blog. Just trying to make this entry interesting and well presented.


DSC00863 20946_262644591865_744251865_3244440_7271603_n 5087_98911286305_816011305_1982098_3768559_n

Erina ~ G|U|N|A|Q|Z

Florida ~ Treasured Memories

Jessica ~ Pretty.Dirty.Mess

10960_1255676442911_1559599877_659761_3649956_n 28421_1417186557009_1452974594_1130761_6888541_n nic

Dewina  ~ Another Step of My Life

Elsa ~ La Vida Es Bella

Danelyn ~ Danelyn’s Life

th_100_1069-1 DSC02020 Image009 - Copy

Magretta ~ Surat Ari Endun

The Lady of Sholat ~ {I.A.N.A} baby Purple!

Pixie Alex ~ I Am What I Choose To Be

DSC01933 DSCN0728 Rungi

Freaky PinkLady ~ A little bit of everything

May Lee – Stop and Smell The Roses

Tom Rungitom ~ Rungitom Life

16570_196531261726_702661726_3602652_7106236_n test3 25974_343111032016_715257016_3767554_2223015_n

Sweet Wiskies ~ Enjoyable Life

SotChai ` Where the addict screams

WhiteLily ~ It’s Meant To Be Like This


So, there goes the awesome bloggers that I think deserve the award!!  On to the next part of this entry, 7 THINGS THAT PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME. Hmmmm….where do I start?? I definitely have more than 7 but I’m trying to think of 7 interesting unknown facts about me (at least to some people).


1. Crazy love for Fuschia Pink!


Yours truly is easily attracted to anything in Fuschia Pink. Nothing against other colors but when I see things in Fuschia Pink, that normally make me wanna buy it. Even the BF is aware of this and he bought me a Fuschia Pink colored Stila products for Christmas which I loved very-very much! Some of my stuff in Fuschia Pink …


2. Obsession on shoes


Some of you know about this and some of you don’t. To date, I have give or take 130 pairs of shoes, nothing expensive la but who needs expensive when you can get a cute/sexy shoes for RM50 – RM100 (I rarely buy a RM100 shoes), right? The most expensive shoes I ever bought was a Eclipse shoes which cost me RM150 and the highest heels I have is about 6”. Why shoes collection? It’s because it’s whether you are thin or fat, your shoe size remains the same. I wish to post a photo of all that shoes here but I’m sad to say that 80% of that shoes is still with my ex, so I don’t know if it still exist or thrown out, which is sad if it is. (Would love to post of photo here but unfortunately at the moment, most of my shoes are in my car, will put up photo after I angkut all of it naik third floor Open-mouthed)


3. I am a computer GEEK


I am trying to beat the stereotype tech nerd/ geek look. When we talk about computer programmers / network engineers or IT support, normally people would think that these people wear thick glasses and wears Star Trek / Star Wars T-Shirt, either overweight or extremely thin (for guys) and for girls, awful hair style, thick glasses, horrible fashion sense , basically a season 1 Betty Suarez.



“ Wikipedia describes the nerd girl as a stock character who wears eye glasses, dresses unfashionably, wears pigtails (and other little girl items like mary-jane shoes and knee high socks), is shy and socially inept and either overweight or gangly. More recently, they sometimes have a passion for social justice (see Simpson, Lisa) are feminist or post-feminist (see Granger, Hermione) or come up with the piece of knowledge that enables the plot to be resolved (see Velma from Scooby Doo). And sometimes, just sometimes, they get a makeover and become kinda pretty albeit in an awkward way (see Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer).”


But wait…more on this article: Batting Eyelashes

“But that's not what nerd girl 2.0 looks like. The new, tech-savvy, sci-fi loving nerd looks more like a cheerleader than a mouse: this week's Newsweek introduces us to the new nerd girls, "they're smart, they're techie and they're hot."”  ~Vanessa Richmond, MSN News

I’d like to believe Imma Nerd Girl 2.0 Big GrinWinking 


Why I like computers? Even tho its annoying most of the times, there’s good money there. It’s really awesome earning around RM6000 a day just by training people on basic computer application Red heart but, only happens if you know the right people – if you’re on this side of the world, in Western countries, opportunity come knocking on your door! Open-mouthed So, all in all I DID NOT REGRET I chose this field even if it’s a VERY UNGLAMOUROUS job. No way, you would wear something like this to work: Disappointed 


But, I always try my best to look fabulous at work altho I can’t be arsed to do it everyday. Doesn’t happen that much but at least I try Wink. And no need to repeat it, previous entry was about drooling over (selected) hot tech guys. So, I love GEEK world. The people and the technology it creates. Just wish I contribute something to this field that I love so much!



4. Animal Lover (okay, scratch that I guess, I don’t like ALL animals, I only love cats and dogs specifically)


In my Windows Live Writer draft I have a draft titled “Tobey Lidi”. I intended to post an entry about this since months ago but never really go to it. For those of you who just recently follow this blog or stumbled upon it randomly, you might think that Tobey is a human. But, Tobey Lidi is no human at all. Fact, Tobey is a dog. Our family dog back in Tambunan. Well, to be accurate, he is my dad’s dog and best friend when he was still alive.  I think this passion for animal runs in the family but I’m only gonna focus on my passion for cats and dogs.


I have this habit of taking pictures of ANY, if possible ALL dogs or cats that I see whenever and wherever I go, even on holiday. Tongue out I’ve got pictures of Filipino dogs, Thai cats and dogs, Balinese dogs, Malaysian dogs which John categorize into one single category: THE ASIAN DOGS. Smile. Some of stray cats and dogs piccies.


31937_403026793350_529273350_4051610_6087562_n 31937_403029218350_529273350_4051674_4904914_n
29165_124794267531228_100000019656609_335601_7169888_n 31937_403026803350_529273350_4051612_1094197_n


Another habit is to stop and pet the stray animals. So, when we were in Bangkok and Bali, whenever we pass by or a dog pass us by, the default word coming out from John was “Don’t touch it!”. Happy or “ uh oh doggie, better run away, she will dognap you” or simply just drag me away from the animal cos I couldn’t resist the urge to go and pet the dog or at least say “hi puppy, what’s your name?”. And I don’t mean that as a joke, I really do ask the dog it’s name. One other weird thing that I love to do whenever we go back to Tambunan is to count the dogs we see along the way. Normally, it’s around 90 over dogs. Counting starts from Kasigui. Big Grin As for cats, I do love cats too but not as obsess with it. I love this picture of me with a ‘cat’ the most:




5. Reading every fucking road signs / billboards out loud when in the car – especially if not driving.


I don’t know why but I notice everything around especially road signs, billboards and signboards. And I tend to read it out loud. Strange. But then, it’s also good because I can be the human GPRS because of this. To add some humor to this, because of this habit, I see things like this: (I didn’t Photoshop this, SERIOUSLY)



It pays to be observant. Hahahahahaha.



6. I can make realistic dog’s bark and cat’s meow. Even the cats and dogs bought it. Rolling on the floor I always do that with our pets and it’s fun to see the curiosity on their faces. GOLD!


No explanation needed on this one.


7. I was a DIE HARD Feminin and Spice Girls fan.





Proof that I was their NUMBER ONE fan:


I bought ALL their album (cassettes) back then.

I cut my hair short to imitate As Feminin when I was in Form 2 Embarrassed

I have boots because Feminin wore it back then.

I sang Untuk Mu everyday out loud and imagine that I was As Feminin

In Spice Girl, I am Baby Spice. I wanted to be Sporty Spice tapi my pembuli friend sudah booking dia Disappointed and she scared the shit out of me. Nailbiting

I bought the Spice Girl’s Impulse Body Spray and  very proud of it. Tambunan don’t have it, so need to go to KK to buy it. Jadi..banggalah I di kalangan teman-teman.

Saya berabis benci kumpulan Res2. (Saingan Feminin time tu)

I think Wonder Girls copied Feminin. LMAO! Check this out:



Look at that fashion, that was my 1995 Christmas fashion, top to bottom! Maksudnya, dari rambut sampai la ke kasut tu. Blushing. Bukan baju saja. Wish I still have my pictures for that.



And, here’s another humiliation for myself. Lelaki yang paling ku minati pada zaman remaja ku ialah:



A.C. Mizal


I did sent a fan letter to him using that sampul surat berbunga-bunga yang wangi

Dont tell anyoneDohI dont know



Those are the seven things that people don’t know about me. It took me few weeks to finish this entry. I hope you guys enjoy reading this entry.


P/s: Am I the last one to know about this Peterporn thing? Hahaha. I am so freaking outdated. I think that inspire a future blog entry. Sex Tape – Why It’s NEVER a good idea - just let the Porn Stars do what they do best. Whistling

That’s all for now. I better start doing some work. It’s almost 10 p.m.!


The boyf is eating tacos, mad jealous! (If you happen to know a place that sells Nachos/Tacos or Burritos in our fine city Kota Kinabalu, please let me know, okay?)  But then, I’m having twister and cheesy wedges – I bet he’s jealous of that too! It’s probably sickening that I mention him in my blog post almost every time recently but bear with me, he plays a big part of making me happy at the moment and I can’t hide it. I mean how can you NOT love someone who send you this when you feel down:


30596_135137229830265_100000019656609_384933_4723921_n This is hilarious!


Much Love,

Not worthyx



Jessica Lyne said...

The Ac.Mizal mention is gold! hahahaha! and you even sent him a fan letter? I wonder if he ever got it?
I don't remember much about Feminin back then but I was a big fan of another girl group - Elite and Spice Girls of course!:)
Anyway, thanks for the award. Will blog about it soon because this entry is really inspiring and hilarious!

Nancy said...

Hahaha! yes,I honestly did send him a fan letter and hoping for a damn reply.Probably didn't get it. sedihnya.LOL.You're welcome and can't wait for your entry!

kenwooi said...

i used to like spice girls back then =)

Nancy said...

Hi kenwooi....yeah, they're awesome, right?

hudhud said...

ok, part baca signboard kuat2 tu sama la macam i. kdg2 mcm annoying kan? hahaha :P

Nancy said...

Haha! Tu la, rasanya orang kat sebelah pun nyampah sebab x pandai diam. LOL.

IdaFlorida said...

amigz...!! hahaha... napa i tak tau pasal "a letter to AC mizal tu..?" haha..kalo c AC baca blog ko ni..mesti dia bangga berabis tu..

Nancy said...

hahaha! Ko tidak tau ka pula? Isk..sesuatu yang tidak harus diberitahu bah tu! Kin malu je.

Endun said...

ha ha ha..sampul berbunga bunga..cie ko memang..boleh aku cakap GILA


Nancy said...

Haha,Yett,time tu femes bah tu sampula surat bunga2, 10 sen satu.LOL.

Lizeewong said...

Hi Nancy...Stumbled upon your blog when I was at Wiskies'

Ended up reading your posts dr yg bulan 3 hehehe..You are so refreshingly blunt and funny! Enjoyed reading them :)


Nancy said...

Hey Lizee, thanks for stopping by! :)

Wiskies said...

Thanks for the award. I think I need some times to think & ready for the 7 wonder's things of me. xoxo..

Nancy said...

You're welcome. Can't wait to read you entry! ;)

chegu carol said...

hey ho! came here from Sabahan Bloggers FB.

Hi 5 on being Feminin die hard fan altho i didnt get to be that die hard as much as you. To copy their style top to bottom, that's pure die hard fan alright :)
And on second thought, yalah, wonder girls could have stumbled upon feminin's video music and copied from them! haha

yeah, didnt like Res2 as well.

Nancy said...

Hey there Chegu Carol...

thanks for visiting! Haha, yeah those were the days,time budak2 super excited ni mau tiru2 artis. Malunya bila ingat. Haha, ya bah,buli2 wonder girls jadi boria mcm feminin kan? Nasib baik sya x terpedaya sdh skrg. Haha!

James Ng said...

Nice Blog!!!

Nancy said...

Hey James, thanks for stopping by! x

May Lee said...

Aww thank you for listing me in the award thing! <3

I used to be a major Spice Girls fan too! =D

Claudia Sibert said...

glad i came across your blog, its quite a read for the morning!!

Nancy said...

Hey there Claudia...good morning! Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed it. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the link, but unfortunately it seems to be down... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please reply to my post if you do!

I would appreciate if a staff member here at could post it.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic website, I had not noticed before during my searches!
Keep up the excellent work!

Nancy said...

Hey there, which link doesn't work? and thanks for stopping by! x

Rungitom said...

I feel awesome and honored being the only guy on the list :)

Sorry for the uber late reply, since you posted this on June, I was still in the lost world at that time.

Anonymous said...

Hey - I am really delighted to discover this. great job!

Just Feminin said...

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Just Feminin said...

Nice entry! If you are BIG fan of Feminin... do visit us at our blog created specially for Feminin fan or add us as your frenz in fb, search 'Just Feminin'.